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Topographical map showing enclaves

The Bizarre Borders of Baarle

If you look at a modern map of Baarle-Nassau in Noord-Brabant, you will see something weird. Lots of areas are marked in red. These areas are not part of Baarle-Nassau, but of Baarle-Hertog, a municipality in Belgium. There are little bits of Belgium in the Netherlands part, and little bits of the Netherlands in the […]

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Dutch Genealogy News for October 2022

This is an overview of new sources, projects, and websites that were announced last month. Sources The town records of Baarle-Nassau, Chaam, and Diessen before 1811 have been scanned and are availble via the finding aids at the Regional Archives of Tilburg website (see links at bottom). The Regional Archives of Tilburg has made several […]


Source – Church Membership Records

Church membership records or lidmatenboeken record the members of a church. Church membership records are typically kept by protestant churches, like the Dutch Reformed Church. In the protestant faith, people become members by confession of faith as adults. This is different than in the Roman Catholic Church, that considers people as members from the moment […]

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Dutch Genealogy News for September 2022

Here is an overview of all the new sources, news, and projects announced last month. Sources 60,000 birth records from the Gouda region have been added to the Middle Holland Regional Archives website. The information is also available at Open Archives. Indexes of church records and notarial records for several towns in east North-Brabant have […]

Researching Military Ancestors in the Netherlands – Before 1795

I often get questions about finding military ancestors, and thought I would write a few posts about that. I will start with the early period, before 1795. Before 1795, most soldiers were professional soldiers, not conscripts. The Dutch Republic (1588-1795) hired both Dutch and foreign men. Often, whole regiments were hired, including from Scotland, Switzerland, […]

Tip of the week

bride signs the marriage record

Quick tip – Check marriage supplements of children

If you are researching a person, make sure to check the marriage supplements of any children who married after the introduction of the civil registration. The civil registration was introduced in 1811 in most parts of the Netherlands, and in 1795 in parts of Limburg and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Civil registration marriage records have marriage supplements, the […]

Term of the week

Border near Dinxperlo. Postcard (public domain)

Dutch term – Grens

A grens is a border. Municipal borders determined where a couple would register the birth of their child, where they were taxed, where they would apply for a permit. Judicial borders determined which court prosecuted a ciminal, granted a divorce, or appointed a guardian. Borders affected our ancestors’ lives. My ancestor Arend Kastein moved across […]