Quick tip: New Worldwide Genealogy Blog


Worldwide Genealogy is a blog where genealogists from around the world tell about their adventures. I am honored to be a part of this group. My first blog post appeared today, as I will be blogging on the 5th of every month. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Quick tip: WieWasWie now available in English

WieWasWie logo

WieWasWie (WhoWasWho) is the most comprehensive genealogical database in the Netherlands. Archives in all the provinces participate in this website to publish indexes and sometimes even scans of their records. Up until now, WieWasWie was only available in Dutch but an English version is now available. >>Go to the English version of … [Read more...]

Quick tip: Dutch is not the language of Denmark

Map of northern Europe

If you're familiar with Dutch genealogy, today's tip will not come as a surprise: Dutch is the language and adjective of the Netherlands, not Denmark. But you would be surprised how many people end up on this site if they find out they have ancestors from Denmark! I must admit that the combination Dutch-Denmark sounds a lot more logical than … [Read more...]

Quick tip: US Dutch Reformed Church Records Online

Bloomingburg Dutch Reformed Church

Ancestry.com has just published a new record set: "U.S., Dutch Reformed Church Records from Selected States, 1660-1926". This record set was created by the Holland Society and currently contains records of Dutch Reformed churches in New York and New Jersey. Records from Dutch Reformed churches in other states will be added in the future. The … [Read more...]

Quick tip – test the new Brabant archives website

Front page of the new BHIC website

Christian van der Ven, archivist at the Brabant Historical Information Center, just commented on this week's column. He revealed that they are working on a new website, which is now available as a beta. The new website already contains more genealogical sources than the old, so it's well worth a test drive. Check the 'Mijn stamboom' [my family … [Read more...]

Quick tip: resolutions for 2014

Firemen eating 'oliebollen'

Happy 2014 everybody! Here are some suggestions for resolutions for this year that will help you with your Dutch research. Come visit the Netherlands and see where your ancestors lived Learn Dutch and understand the records. The Dutch Terms section of this site has some basic terms to get you started. Learn to use Dutch websites … [Read more...]

Quick tip: Beware that you don’t translate names

boy looking at paper of boy sitting next to him

Many genealogists who don't speak Dutch use Google Translate or Chrome to translate Dutch websites into English. But sometimes, these programs translate more than you want. A person named Van der Molen might become From the Mill or a Dhr. Timmerman becomes Mr. Carpenter. The same could happen with geographical names: a village called De Rijp … [Read more...]

Quick tip: mind the suffixes of the name

Name cloud of the 100 most popular names

Did you know that different types of names were particular to different areas of the Netherlands? For example, names with an -ink suffix like Hoitink are typical for the eastern part of the Netherlands while names with a -stra suffix are typical for the north. Read more about suffixes in surnames. … [Read more...]

Quick tip: get notified about the English version of WieWasWie

WieWasWie logo

WieWasWie is the most comprehensive website with Dutch genealogical records. An English version is in the works. You can now leave your email address and get notified when the English version is available. … [Read more...]

Quick tip: Mind the dates

Leaf from a calendar

In the Netherlands (and most of the rest of the world), dates are routinely written as dd-mm-yyyy so 5-4-2013 means 5 April, not May 4 as it would be in the US. This can easily lead to mistakes. To avoid confusion, just use the full name of the month: 5 April 2013. That way, everybody will understand what you mean. … [Read more...]