Emigration in the nineteenth century

Drawing of soldiers in action

In the middle of the nineteenth century, conditions in Europe were poor. Crops were failling all over Europe and many people hardly made enough money to feed their families. For this reason, many people decided to emigrate to the United States, where farmland was plenty and people hoped they could begin a new life. In the Netherlands, some people … [Read more...]

Kolstee, Garrit Hendrik and Engelina Nijenhuis

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Gerrit Hendrik te Kolstee emigrated from Winterswijk to the United States in 1848 together with his wife and three children. During his trip, he kept a diary that still exists today. The family settled in Clymer, NY. … [Read more...]

Casualties and survivors

During the disaster, over 200 people lost their lives while less than 25 people survived. This page lists the names of the people who were or board or who might have been on board. … [Read more...]

Piek, Hermanus and Johanna Catharina Bekerink


Hermanus Piek and Johanna Catharina Bekerink emigrated to the United States together with their three children. They settled in Clymer, NY. … [Read more...]


Gelderland traditional dress

Gelderland is a province in the east of the Netherlands. It borders on Germany to the east, Overijssel, Flevoland and Utrecht to the north, Noord-Brabant to the south and Zuid-Holland and Utrecht to the west. The capital city of Gelderland is Arnhem. Other large towns are: Nijmegen Apeldoorn Zutphen Doetinchem Tiel … [Read more...]

Hesselink, Gerrit and Willemina Mennink


Gerrit Hesselink and Willemina Mennink emigrated from their farm in Aalten to Wisconsin. They were relatively well-to-do and established a thriving farm that still exists today. … [Read more...]

Schreurs, Jan Hendrik and Janna Geertruid Oonk


Jan Hendrik Schreurs and Janna Geertruid Oonk came from Winterswijk and emigrated to the United States in 1846. In 1898, their descendants held a reunion. On this occasion, a short account of their lives written by their son John William, was published. Because this account gives much background information on the reasons why people emigrated, the … [Read more...]

Winterswijk emigrants – Woold

List of emigrants from the Winterswijk hamlet of Woold. This list is not complete. … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous emigrants

List of emigrants for whom it is not known where they left from, mostly from the Winterswijk area. This list is not complete. … [Read more...]

Winterswijk emigrants – Dorp

List of Winterswijk emigrants from the village (Dorp) itself. This list is not complete. … [Read more...]