Daane, Peter

Peter Daane was one of the Dutch emigrants who settled in Wisconsin and managed to establish a thriving business there. He fought for the Union during the Civil war. He is considered as the founder of Oostburg, WI. To this day, his descendants live in that area. … [Read more...]

DeMaster, John and Wilhelmina van der Jagt

John DeMaster and Wilhelmina Van der Jagt were both born in the province of Zeeland. Both their families emigrated to the United States when they were children. The families settled in the Sheboygan area, WI. As a young adult, John worked on de Vanderjagt farm and married the farmer's daughter. … [Read more...]


Zeeland is a province in the south-west of the Netherlands. It borders on Noord-Brabant in the east, the country of Belgium in the south, the North Sea in the west and Zuid-Holland in the north. The capital of Zeeland is Middelburg. Other larger towns are: Vlissingen Goes Terneuzen … [Read more...]