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'Patronymic' literally means 'father's name'. It means that someone calls himself after his father, for example a son of Jan would call himself 'Jansen'. This is similar to the English name 'Johnson'. … [Read more...]


Groningen is a province in the North-East of the Netherlands. On the east it borders on Germany, on the west on Friesland, on the south on Drenthe and on the north on the North Sea. The capital of Groningen is also called Groningen, sometimes called Groningen stad (Groningen city) to make the distinction clear. The largest towns in Groningen … [Read more...]


Friesland is one of the northern provinces in the Netherlands. It borders on the province of Groningen in the east, Drenthe and Overijssel in the South, the IJsselmeer in the west and the North Sea in the north. The capital city of Friesland is Leeuwarden. The largest towns … [Read more...]

Dates and times

List of terms you need to translate dates and times. Note on dates: Dutch dates are written in the form dd-mm-yyyy, so 2-5-1920 means 2 May 1920. … [Read more...]

Hesselink, Gerrit and Willemina Mennink

Gerrit Hesselink and Willemina Mennink emigrated from their farm in Aalten to Wisconsin. They were relatively well-to-do and established a thriving farm that still exists today. … [Read more...]

Family relationships

This page lists the Dutch words for family members and their English translation. … [Read more...]

Liberation day

On May 5th we celebrate the end of World War II and the liberation by the allied forces. This year the celebrations are especially large since it is the 60th anniversary. … [Read more...]