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The island at the center of the world

This week I read an interesting book: The island at the center of the world: the epic story of Dutch Manhattan and the forgotten colony that shaped America. It gives a new perspective on the Dutch contribution to the American society as we know it today. … [Read more...]

Donck, Adriaen van der

Adriaen van der Donck has been described as one of the first true Americans: a man with more loyalty for his new country than his old. After obtaining a law degree, he left for the New Netherlands in 1641 to help establish law and order in the colony. At this time, the colony was under the leadership of the Dutch West Indies Company who appointed a … [Read more...]

Population registers

Population registers can be a great source of information because they list all the inhabitants of a house, usually one or more families together with their domestic staff. Since 1850, the Dutch population registers form a continuous registration where you can find who lived where at all times. They look like census records but differ in one … [Read more...]

Lubbers, Hendrikus and Marijke Lubbers

Hendrikus Lubbers and his family joined the Seceded community in Enter, Overijssel. They were one of many Seceders who emigrated from the Netherlands in 1847. Hendrikus was planning to study to be a minister. However, another fate awaited him across the ocean. The entire family perished on Lake Michigan when their vessel, the Phoenix, caught on … [Read more...]

Personal record card

Personal record cards were used from 1938 to keep track of who lived where. They are part of the population registration. Personal record cards are a great source of information for recent research because they cover the period from 1938 onward. Copies of personal record cards of deceased people can be ordered for a fee from the Central Bureau … [Read more...]

Clymer, NY

Clymer is a predominantly Dutch village in the western part of New York State. Because it was relatively close to New York City, it became a popular destination for Dutch emigrants in the nineteenth century. Most of the early settlers came from the eastern part of Gelderland. … [Read more...]

Limburg emigrants

At this moment, there's a poll on this website to see which province the ancestors of our visitors come from. To my surprise, Limburg is in the lead! Perhaps because my own research is focused on Dutch Reformed regions, I had never realized that many people emigrated from the catholic region of Limburg as well. … [Read more...]

Einink, Jan Willem and Gesina Johanna te Brinke

Jan Willem Einink and Gesina Johanna te Brinke were born in Winterswijk. Together with their family, they emigrated to the United States. At the end of his life, Jan Willem Einink wrote an autobiography that gives us a unique view of his life and his struggles with the church, which led him to secede on more than one occasion. This article is … [Read more...]

Dunnewold, Jan Willem

Jan Willem Dunnewold was one of the first ministers in Clymer, NY. He was an emigrant from Winterswijk who had never dreamt that his dream of becoming a preacher would one day come true. He later accepted a summons from Gibbsville in Wisconsin, another community with many Dutch settlers. … [Read more...]