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Debbink, Hendrik Jan and Berendina Dunnewold

Hendrik Jan Debbink and Berendina Dunnewold were a part of the second emigration wave to hit Winterswijk in the 1860s. They emigrated when he was already¬†69 years old, together with their family of four children. They joined Berendina Dunnewold's brother, Jan Willem Dunnewold, who was a minister in Sheboygan County, WI. … [Read more...]

Huinink, Derk Willem X Catharina Jentink

Derk Willem Huinink and Catharina Jentink were part of the second emigration wave in the nineteenth century. They emigrated from their Aalten home in 1869 together with their extended family. They settled in Town of Holland, Sheboygan County, WI. … [Read more...]

Bosman, Derk Hendrik and Grada Hendrika Tammel

Derk Hendrik Bosman, his wife Grada Hendrika Tammel and their children emigrated from Gelderland to Holland, Michigan in 1882. A short while after they arrived, Grada Hendrika wrote a letter to her family back home. In this letter she writes about the reception in Holland. … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania Dutch

One group of emigrants in the 18th century is known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. But did you know they weren't Dutch at all? Most Pennsylvania dutch are actually German or Swiss. But even though their ancestors were not from the Netherlands, many Pennsylvania Dutch used Dutch ports to travel to the United States so there is a Dutch connection. … [Read more...]

Boerrigter, Jan Antonie

Jan Antonie Boerrigter emigrated to the United States in 1910 from Overijssel. Almost half a century later, he wrote to his aunt and uncle in the Netherlands. He shares much information about his family and is curious about the Netherlands. … [Read more...]

Call for emigrant letters

Emigrant letters are a great source for information about the pioneer generation. Yesterday, I asked for emigrant letters on a newsgroup. Already, I've received two letters that were not widely known yet. … [Read more...]

Beij, unknown family

The Beij family emigrated from Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland to the United States in 1860 and settled in Paterson, NJ. Miss Beij wrote back to her old neighbors in the Netherlands. This letter still exists today. Unfortunately, it is not known (yet) who this family is. … [Read more...]

Haartman, Evert and Janna Berendina Beskers

Evert Haartman was one of the pioneers who settled in Sheboygan County. He came to the country as a young man and later married a wife who had come straight from Holland. … [Read more...]