Archives for March 2007

Search forms

There are many Dutch websites out there that provide access to genealogical records. Many of them use a search form that is available in Dutch only. Knowing the standard terms will enable you to use these forms. … [Read more...]

Death duties files

To be able to collect tax on estates of deceased people, the family of the deceased was required to file a death duties file within 6 months of the death. These death duties files can be very interesting sources to get an overview of the property of our ancestors. … [Read more...]

Winterswijk in old postcards

Internet genealogy is not just about names and dates. I like enhancing my family history with background information and illustrations. Much of this information can be found online. But websites like YouTube have added a new source: movies! … [Read more...]

Netherlands Antilles data available online

Civil registration record from the Netherlands Antilles have been added to WieWasWie, the largest online genealogy database in the Netherlands. This is great news for people who are researching ancestors in the Antilles. 47,000 records from the Civil Registration from the Antilles were added, almost half of the total number of records. The islands … [Read more...] subscription

Last month I did something I didn't think I would ever do: I got a paid subscription to a genealogy site. I always figured there was plenty of information to be found for free, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I got a nice offer from and now have a subscription on their World Collection. … [Read more...]