Your genealogy trip to the Netherlands

Imagine you wake up in a bed and breakfast in the Netherlands, in the village where your ancestors once lived.

In the morning, you ride a bike around town to see the streets they walked on. Perhaps you will stop by the old family farm, and get invited in for coffee. In the afternoon, you visit the church where your family worshiped. You discover that the font is four hundred years old and was used to baptize generations of your ancestors. You look forward to tomorrow, when you will go to an archive to meet an expert who will help you read old manuscripts that mention your family.

You don’t need to be a celebrity in a TV show for this to become a reality.
Roberta and Cheryl did itDennis and Sheryl did it.
Now it’s your turn to take the trip of a lifetime. 

Yvette Hoitink can research your family history and help you prepare for a trip to the Netherlands. She can research your ancestors and find out not just when and where they were born, married and died, but also what they did for a living, if any ancestors served in the military and where they lived. Learn about the struggles they overcame and why they chose to leave the country.

Yvette can create a custom itinerary or list of places of interest for you to visit, like ancestral homes, churches where they worshiped or the harbor from where they departed. And she can join you in the archives to help you do research or show you the documents that she has found.

Do you want to walk in your ancestors’ footsteps too?

Please contact Yvette Hoitink for a proposal to find out your family history.

Your ancestors' stories are waiting to be discovered