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Map of the Week – Schermer land reclamation, 1635

This map shows the Scher-meer [Scher lake, also called Schermermeer], a lake that was drained between 1633 and 1635 to claim land. The map shows how this was done: a dike and ditch were built around the lake. Mills would pump water out of the lake, across the dike, into the surrounding ditch, from where […]

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Dutch Genealogy News for May 2024

This is an overview of all the new sources, projects, and other news of the past month. Sources Gelderland birth records (1913-1922), marriage records (1943-1947), and death records (1961-1972) have been scanned and indexed and can now be consulted via the Gelders Archief. That includes the birth records of my grandparents. This completes the project […]

Map of the siege of Breda

Map of the Week – Siege of Breda, 1624-1625

Wars often lead to the creation of maps. This week we are looking at a map of the siege of Breda in 1624-1625. The map shows how Breda had been surrounded by a line, just outside the reach of the city’s canon. This allowed the attackers to cut supply lines while they besieged the city. […]

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Map of the week – Holland in 1832

This map of Holland appeared in an English atlas in 1832. This is two years after the Southern Netherlands split off to found the independent country of Belgium in 1830, but seven years before the Dutch government acknowledged the loss of these provinces and recognized Belgium as an independent country in 1839. In other words, […]

Group of cousins, all grandchildren of Cornelis Trouw and Maria Gommeren

Ask Yvette – How do I find all the children?

A reader asked me how to find all the children of an ancestral couple. The strategies and sources depend on the period. 1600s, 1700s Sources: Search baptismal, marriage, and burial records to find the baptisms, marriages, and burials of all the children. If one of the parents died before the youngest child was 25, check […]

Tip of the week

Father and his children, Pieter de Mare, 1768 - 1795.

Quick tip – Who was your ancestor the guardian for?

I have written before about using guardianship records for genealogical research. Most often, we use these records to find out who became the guardian over minor children after our ancestors died. Less often, we will check those records to see for whom our ancestors were guardians. Since guardians were often close relatives, this can be […]

Term of the week

priest baptizing a child

Dutch term – Common Abbreviations in Dutch Genealogies

Here is a list of abbreviations you may find in published genealogies in the Netherlands. Abbreviation Full version Translation geb. geboren born ged. gedoopt baptized overl. overleden died begr. begraven buried tr. trouwt marries ondertr. ondertrouwt marriage banns ca. circa circa waarsch. waarschijnlijk probably zn. van zoon van son of dr. van dochter van daughter […]