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Dutch Genealogy News for June 2024

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and websites that were announced last month. Sources Death records of Suriname (1846-1915) have been digitized and indexed and are available on the website of the National Archives of Suriname. The Ward Registers of Paramaribo, Suriname 1828-1847 have been digitized and indexed and are available on […]

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Map of Goes

Map of the Week – Goes, 1867

Between 1865-1868, Jacob Kuyper published a series of atlases with municipal maps. These show the location of all the hamlets, villages, and larger towns in the municipality, as well as the main roads and railroads. The Kuyper maps are often available at the websites of archives or via Wikimedia Commons. This week we are looking […]

Map of the Week – Tourist map of Oisterwijk, 1933

This week we are looking at a tourist map of Oisterwijk from 1933. It is a “wandelkaart” [walking map], which highlights various natural features like lakes (blue), forests (green), national forests (orange), swamps (blue horizontal stripes). It features the hotels in the area and places of interest including churches, a swimming pool, and cafes. The […]

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Map of the Week – Border between Gelderland and Munster near Winterswijk, 1656

This week’s map was created in 1656 as part of a conference to settle a boundary dispute between Gelderland and Munster. Around Winterswijk, the border area was covered in moors, and it was unclear where Gelderland ended and Munster started. Farmers from both sides were continuously arguing over who had rights to graze sheep there […]

New Netherland Settlers Project

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society just announced an exciting new project. They launched a multiyear project to develop detailed, peer-reviewed sketches of all the people residing in New Netherland prior to 1664. I am proud to announce that I will be one of the researchers on the project. I will prepare sketches, review […]

Tip of the week

two boys showing blackboards with their names

Quick tip – Identity is more than a name

Identity is more than a name. Just because two records show the same name, does not mean they are for the same person. The reverse is true too. Just because two records show a different name, does not mean they are for different persons. People could use different names throughout their lifetime. Some examples: Some […]

Term of the week

a coffin covered by flowers is surrounded by a group of mourners in black attire

Dutch term – Lijkschouwing

Lijkschouwing literally means corpse-assessment. It is the term for the assesment by a doctor after a person died, to determine whether the person died of natural known causes, natural unknown causes, or unnatural causes. This is typically done by the doctor treating the patient or the doctor who was on call when the patient died.┬áIf […]