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Dutch Genealogy News for August 2017

Here is an overview of new records and projects that were announced in the past month. Online Dutch records The register recording the poor of Gorssel, Gelderland, that was discovered earlier this year, has been digitized and added to the website of the Zutphen Regional Archives. The West-Fries Archief published indexes of the old notarial Continue reading →

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How to Find Your Dutch Ancestor’s Occupation

Do you want to know what your Dutch ancestor did for a living? Here are five different sources you can check to find out. Civil registration records The civil registration records of birth, marriage, and death will include the occupation of the adults in the records (parents, spouses, deceased). These records are available for the Continue reading →

How far did my ancestors move?

My ancestors did not move much. Most of them married a partner from the same area, and lived their wholes lives in the same towns. They didn’t come from anywhere, they were just there—for many generations before the start of surviving records.

To visualize how far my ancestors migrated during their lifetimes, I created a pedigree chart showing the distance between the place where they were born and where they died.

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Case study – Using Estate Inventories

In Winterswijk, Gelderland in 1754, Jan Hendrik Hilbelink was a widower with four young children, who wanted to marry again. Before being allowed to do so, he had to come to an agreement with the guardians of his minor children. He made an estate inventory of all the possessions of him and his late wife, Continue reading →

Dutch Genealogy News for July 2017

Here is an overview of new records and projects that were announced in the past month. Online Dutch Records Notarial records of the following municipalities in Friesland are now available via AlleFriezen, mainly for the 1920s and 1930s: St. Annaparochie, Balk, Beetsterzwaag, Bolsward, Drachten, Dronrijp, Franeker, Giekerk, Hardegarijp, Heerenveen, and Marrum. Zoekakten updated its links to Continue reading →

Tip of the week

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Quick tip – Check what’s available online

There are HUGE digitization projects going on in the Netherlands. So if it’s been a while since you’ve checked what’s available online, check again. The record you need may be waiting for you. For an overview of online records, see Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium.

Term of the week

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Dutch term – Klompenmaker

A klompenmaker is a wooden shoe maker. For many people in the Netherlands, wooden shoes were the common footwear. Wooden shoes were sturdy, protected toes when something fell on it, and made from material that’s easily available. And if they broke beyond mending, you could always use them for firewood! Nowadays, some farmers still wear Continue reading →