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Population Register Breda 1918-1937

Column – Privacy

Today, a new privacy law went into effect: The General Data Protection Regulation, or its Dutch implementation, the “Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming.” The new law requires a solid foundation for processing data of living people, especially when it concerns special personal data such as race or religion. The new law has larger fines, and requires better […]

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Was Eleanor of Aquitaine my ancestor? Generation 6 – Dorothea Smulders

This is the seventh post in a series about my possible line of descent from Eleanor of Aquitaine. In the first post, I explained how I discovered the possible line, and how I am going to verify it one generation at a time. In the last post, I proved that my second great-grandfather Gerardus van den Heuvel […]

pauper colony

Dutch Genealogy News for April 2018

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month. Online records The Rotterdam City Archives have made the information about 1.2 million people in the population registers for 1850-1930 available via Archieven.nl. The information was entered by volunteers at Vele Handen. The Amsterdam City Archives published an index […]

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Quick tip – NGS Recordings Now Available for Purchase

Last week, I attended the National Genealogical Society Family History Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I gave three presentations. These recordings and those of many other speakers are now available for puchase via PlayBackNGS. My recordings: “Dutch Genealogy 101: Finding Your Ancestor From the Netherlands“ “For Family, Faith, and Fortune: Emigration from the Netherlands in […]

commemoration on the Dam in Amsterdam

Commemorating the Dead

On 5 May 1945, the Germans capitulated and World War II was over for the people of the Netherlands. Every year on the fifth of May, we celebrate our freedom. But before we can celebrate, we need to commemorate. Because our freedom came at a price. About 200,000 Dutch men, women, and children lost their […]

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Quick tip – Not all records of your 1800s ancestor may be public

If you are researching an ancestor who was born in the 1800s, you might assume that all their records are public because they were born more than 100 years ago. But that may not be the case. If your ancestor married after 1942, their marriage record is not public yet. Similarly, court records, notarial records, […]

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Map of Amsterdam

Dutch term – Gracht

A gracht is a canal, usually in a city. Merchants liked living on the grachten since it made it easy to get their supplies delivered to them. The grachten were often the wealthiest parts of town, and also attracted other well-to-do families. Grachten also drained the water from the surrounding area. The Amsterdam grachtengordel [canal […]