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My Personal Genealogy Goals for 2018

Most of my genealogy time is spent on client projects, but one of my resolutions for 2018 is to spend some time on personal projects as well. All my projects give me inspiration for blog posts, lectures, or articles, so even time spent on personal projects helps my business. I have several personal goals for […]

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Dutch Genealogy News for December 2017

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month. Sources The newspapers Volkskrant, Trouw, and Het Parool for the period 1945-1995 have been added to the national newspaper website¬†Delpher. The publication was made possible thanks to a licensing agreement that allowed the Royal Library to publish […]

Dutch records that are public as of 1 January 2018

Happy New Year everybody! Let’s take a look at some of the records that have become public today: Birth records from 1917, which includes my maternal grandmother Catharina Flooren. Marriage records from 1942, which includes my grandparents Hendrik Hoitink and Gesiena Wilhelmina Woordes. Death records from 1967, which includes my great-grandmother Janna Geertruid Droppers. It’s […]

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Was Eleanor of Aquitaine my Ancestor? Generation 1: Yvette Hoitink

This is the second post in a series about my possible line of descent from Eleanor of Aquitaine. In the first post, I explained how I discovered the possible line, and how I am going to verify it one generation at a time. Yvette Hoitink, daughter of Els Marijnissen The first step is to prove […]

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Dutch Genealogy News for November 2017

Here is an overview of the new sources, websites, and projects that were announced last month. Sources The National Archives of Curacao launched a new genealogy section on their website. Court records of Nijmegen from 1596 until 1811 are available at the Nijmegen Regional Archives website. 38,700 records of Amsterdam notaries were added to the […]

Tip of the week

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Quick tip – Some surnames were adopted gradually

As you get further back in time, you will get to the point where you find the first person who adopted a surname. Sometimes that’s a distinct event; for example when a Frisian family adopts a last name in 1811 because it is required by the Napoleonic laws upon the introduction of the civil registration. […]

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Dutch term – Haaldode

A haaldode is a dead person that was retrieved. I have only ever seen the word used in Amsterdam records, but it may have been used elsewhere as well. In Amsterdam, a lot of people were living in poverty by the end of the 1700s. People died in the streets or drowned in the canals. […]