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Looking for your ancestors from the Netherlands? Yvette Hoitink is a professional genealogist in the Netherlands who does research throughout the country. Read about our services, fees, and example projects or read testimonials by clients like you.

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Quirks of Contemporary Indexes

If you’re going through tax records or court records, you might get lucky and find a contemporary (hand-written) index in the front or the back. These indexes may have some quirks: They may be by first name, not last name. This particularly occurs in regions where people did not all use hereditary surnames but used […]

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Dutch term – Geërfde

In the eastern parts of the Netherlands, a geërfde was a heritor, the owner of a property with certain rights in the commons. The heritors of a district would come together periodically to discuss matters relating to the commons. The geërfde would have a vote in any decisions made there, for example relating to the […]

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“You’re Welcome!”

When I was eleven years old, my mom and I went to the United States to visit her aunt and uncle in Washington, DC. It was my first time on an airplane, and my first time using English for real. I had been learning English for over a year, but had not had the opportunity […]

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Tip: Netherlands genealogy webinars at FamilySearch

Next Wednesday, on 10 November 2021, FamilySearch will host three free webinars about genealogy in the Netherlands: Netherlands Censuses and Population Registers (intermediate) Netherlands Notarial Records (Advanced) Netherlands Archive Spotlight: Friesland (Intermediate). See the FamilySearch list of upcoming webinars for times and registration links.

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Dutch Genealogy News for October 2021

This is an overview of the new website projects, and other news announced last month. Sources An index of the business files of the Chamber of Commerce of Drenthe 1922-1980 can be consulted at the Drents Archief website. The records show which businesses existed in Drenthe. Only businesses that no longer exist are included in […]

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Quick tip – Jump the pond

If you are trying the find the origins of an immigrant ancestor, don’t be afraid to jump the pond and start research in the place of origin if you get stuck. Researching the person in the place you know they lived (after immigration) is a good strategy to start your research into an immigrant ancestor. […]

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Dutch term – Koper

A koper is a buyer. You can find the term in land records, such as deeds to purchase a house or in notarial or court records for estate sales. The term is also used in occupations, such as wijnkoper (wine buyer; wine merchant) or houtkoper (wood buyer; wood trader). As an adjective, koper means copper. You […]