The ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ team in the UK approached Yvette to carry out in-depth research into the Dutch ancestors of a celebrity featured in the series. Yvette handled the brief with great professionalism. She was journalistic and thorough in her approach, digging deep in the archives and leaving no stone unturned. In a short space of time, she was able to build up a rich and detailed picture of our celebrity’s ancestors. This was helped by the fact she translated everything into perfect English and analysed and explained her findings clearly- all of which is incredibly helpful for us when we are working under tight deadlines. Yvette was fantastic to work with and we’d highly recommend her.

Who Do You Think You Are? (UK)

Thank you again for all this wonderful work. Truly, it is stunning.  I’ve now had the chance to read through your report several times.  I’m amazed and ever grateful and want to keep working with you.  You’ve resolved many mysteries already and opened up new questions.

A.M., Connecticut

Your report was excellent. I nearly fell off my chair when reading it. It was an education. Thank you immensely and I can only imagine the thrill of the research and aspects of sadness.

Sarah Boddy, New Zealand

This report is absolutely amazing. So much more than I expected. You have answered a lot of my questions and have done terrific research into my family history. The fact that you were also able to find out the churches that they were baptised in is amazing and I plan to actually visit these places when I eventually visit Holland.

Jay de Graaff, Australia

I’ve been very fortunate to avail myself of Yvette’s services, both genealogical and for a trip – and I can say, without reservation, it was truly the trip of a lifetime. Without Yvette, and without the proper prep work, it wouldn’t have been nearly as productive, or fun. We saw where my ancestors lived, worked, worshiped and were buried, even if the graves aren’t there now. I can’t recommend Yvette’s services highly enough.

Roberta Estes, Michigan

I have read your report with great interest. You have not only answered all of my questions, but have provided additional information as well. Your research and documentation are very professional.

Jack Curtis

Many thanks for the hard work you have done. I am so impressed by the amount of information you were able to find in the time allotted. I am now even more convinced, that having someone with the expertise you have, doing this makes so much sense.

A.S., New Jersey.

Yvette has done some research on my behalf and her work is superb. Her attention to detail and willingness to delve into facts is first-class. I was able to take a trip to Netherlands this year and photograph family residences going back many generations. A wonderful and clever young woman.

Rob Aalders

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