(ten hour minimum)
Any time spent on your project, including:

  • Online research
  • Making translations, transcriptions, abstracts
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Research planning
  • Consulting
  • Communication with client, including in-person, telephone, Skype, or email consultations
  • Writing family histories
  • Helping clients prepare for visits and creating itineraries

See the services page for an overview of services we do and do not provide.

€135 per hour 
(as of 2024, including taxes)
Other expenses
  • Photocopies
  • Shipping
  • Microfilm rental
  • Pay-per-view websites
Billed at cost
Speaking engagements
(virtual only)
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Classes
Negotiated on per-case basis.

A 25% retainer is required for each project. The rest is payable upon completion. Payments are through PayPal, so you can use any creditcard and some debit cards to pay.

How we work

Yvette HoitinkResearch projects are divided into phases of ten to twenty hours, where the client and Dutch Genealogy Services first agree on the goals for that phase and a maximum number of hours authorized.

At the end of the phase, you will receive a PDF report with the findings and scans of any original records consulted during the phase. Since we do not know what we will find, there are no guarantees that the research will achieve all the goals in one phase. You will be charged for the actual time spent, up to the maximum number of hours that were authorized, plus expenses.

Other expenses such as photocopies, shipping, international phone calls, microfilm rental or pay-per-view websites will be billed at cost. Expenses that are over 10% of the authorized research fee will be discussed first.