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Was Eleanor of Aquitaine my Ancestor? Generation 20 – Jan van Wijfliet

This is the twenty-first post in a series about my possible line of descent from Eleanor of Aquitaine. In the first post, I explained how I discovered the possible line, and how I am going to verify it one generation at a time. In the┬álast post, I proved that my sixteenth great-grandfather Willem van Wijfliet […]

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Dutch Genealogy News for July 2019

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month. Online sources Open Archives started a pilot to search scans by content. This works for typed records only. It uses Optical Character Recognition technology to make the records searchable. You can submit your own URLs of records […]

10 Tips for Doing On-Site Research in the Netherlands

Are you coming to MyHeritage Live in Amsterdam in September 2019? Or are you planning another trip to the Netherlands and want to do some on-site research while you’re here? Here are ten tips to make the most of the time you have available. 1: Government records are in archives, not libraries or courthouses In […]

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Q&A – Lesser Used Records for Research in the Netherlands

After the webinar on Lesser Used Records for Research in the Netherlands I did earlier this week, there were several interesting questions. I answered some of them in the Q&A session after the webinar. Since several of those referred to websites, I thought I’d answer them here as well. [Note: If you use the link […]

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Webinar Lesser Used Records for Research in the Netherlands online (limited time)

On Tuesday 16 July 2019, Yvette Hoitink presented a BCG webinar on “Lesser Used Records for Research in the Netherlands.” The webinar is now available for free for a limited time. You can watch the webinar at FamilyTreeWebinars for free for a week after the recording. After that, it is available via pay-per-view or subscription. […]

Tip of the week

Quick tip – Was that lost record transcribed or indexed?

Some parts of the Netherlands, especially Zeeland, suffered heavy record loss during World War II. Church records and court records may have been lost as a result. Most civil registration records survive, because duplicates were made of those at the time of creation, and both copies were in different locations. Before World War II, some […]

Term of the week

Dutch term – Rekening

A rekening is an account or bill. Stadsrekeningen (city accounts) for example, record the income and expenses of a city. You can also find rekeningen in orphan chamber records, showing the assets and debts of an estate to determine the money owed to the orphans.