Casualties and survivors

During the disaster, over 200 people lost their lives while less than 25 people survived. This page lists the names of the people who were or board or who might have been on board.

Name Birth date Birth place Surv?
ANSINK, Anna Catharina 7 July 1782 Spork, Germany n
BEERNINK, Beerndina 17 January 1799 Winterswijk ?
BEUMER, Egbert 20 March 1809 Holten n
BEUMER, Janna 4 January 1844 Holten n
BEUMER, Teunis 23 February 1797 Holten ?
BLISH, David n
BLOEMERS, Gerrit Jan 3 December 1830 Winterswijk ?
BONGERS, Jenneken  about 1815 Oosterbeek n
BRUIL, Dirk Willem Oosterbeek n
BRUIL, Dirkje Oosterbeek n
BRUIL, Geertruy Oosterbeek n
BRUIL, Hendrikus  about 1808 Oosterbeek n
BRUIL, Hendrina Oosterbeek n
BRUSSE, Jan 25 March 1819 Aalten n
COFFERS, Teunis 15 January 1795 Winterswijk n
COIJERS, Hendrik Willem 6 February 1801 Winterswijk n
COLENBRANDER, Antjen 1843 Varsseveld n
COLENBRANDER, Christina 9 July 1837 Varsseveld n
COLENBRANDER, Gerrit Jan 2 May 1842 Varsseveld n
COLENBRANDER, Grada Aleida 31 October 1832 Varsseveld n
DAMKOT, Berendina 16 June 1793 Winterswijk n
DAMKOT, Janna Gesiena 19 April 1796 Winterswijk n
de VRIES, Aaltien 13 December 1804 Zwolle y
DEMKES, Gerrit Hendrik 27 March 1819  Dinxperlo n
ESSELINKPAS, Hendrik Jan 22 December 1813 Winterswijk y
ESSELINKPAS, Hendrika 14 December 1837 Winterswijk n
ESSELINKPAS, Jan Hendrik 13 March 1844 Winterswijk n
ESSELINKPAS, Janna Geertruid 4 August 1840 Winterswijk n
ESSELINKPAS, Steven Jan 6 November 1836 Winterswijk n
ESSELINKPAS, Willemina 12 February 1842 Winterswijk n
FINK, Mr. n
FINK, Mrs. n
FOKKINK, Aleida Geertruid 19 November 1825 Winterswijk ?
FORTUI, Thomas n
GEERLINGS, Aaltje 11 December 1842 Apeldoorn y
GEERLINGS, Gerrit 1 January 1803 Meppel y
GEERLINGS, Gerritje 15 January 1844 Apeldoorn y
GEERLINGS, Hendrik Jan 5 December 1837 Hattem y
GEERLINGS, Hendrikje 18 January 1833 Hattem n
GEERLINGS, Jacob 5 March 1839 Hattem y
GEERLINGS, Willem 21 October 1831 Hattem n
GESINK, Christina 27 May 1805 Varsseveld n
GEURKINK, Gerrit Jan 11 May 1803 Winterswijk n
GEURKINK, Jan Hendrik 16 June 1838 Winterswijk n
GEURKINK, Jan Willem 21 February 1841 Winterswijk n
GEURKINK, Janna Berendina 3 February 1836 Winterswijk n
GEURKINK, Janna Willemina 19 January 1826 Winterswijk n
GEURKINK, Stijntjen 6 December 1827 Winterswijk n
GIELINK, Dirk Varsseveld n
GIELINK, Mrs. D. n
GREVERS, Gerrit Jan ?
HALSEY, Thomas n
HEATH, Mr. n
HEATH, Mr. n
HESSELINK, Harmina 22 August 1806 Winterswijk n
HOFS, Willemina 18 February 1792 Varsseveld n
HOMMERS, Gerrit 25 October 1830 Wierden-Enter n
HOMMERS, Gerrit Jan 25 December 1788 Wierden-Enter n
HOMMERS, Hendrikus 23 May 1825 Wierden-Enter n
HOMMERS, Jan 1814 Wierden-Enter n
KLEINHESSELINK, Janna Geertru 5 April 1815 Dinxperlo n
KOFFERS, Jan Willem 21 November 1832 Winterswijk n
KOFFERS, Janna Berendina 6 February 1826 Winterswijk n
KOFFERS, Johanna Hendrika 25 May 1835 Winterswijk n
KOIJERS, Berend Willem 27 July 1836 Winterswijk n
KOIJERS, Engelina Johanna 25 March 1835 Winterswijk n
KOLENBRANDER, Arend 5 July 1807 Varsseveld n
KOLENBRANDER, Jan Adolf 17 February 1835 Varsseveld n
KRAAIJENBRINK, Gerit Hendrik about 1840 n
KRAAIJENBRINK, Johanna about 1844 n
KRAAIJENBRINK, Kaatjen about 1846 n
KRAAIJENBRINK, Willem 30 September 1810 Dinxperlo n
KRIENEN, Theodora 10 October 1819 Gendringen n
LANDEWEERD, Berend Willem 15 October 1830 Holten n
LANDEWEERD, Egbert 10 June 1836 Holten n
LANDEWEERD, Fenneken 16 October 1838 Holten n
LANDEWEERD, Gerdina 6 May 1823 Holten y
LANDEWEERD, Hanna Gerdina 18 February 1845 Holten y
LANDEWEERD, Hendrik Jan 27 September 1796 Holten n
LANDEWEERD, Hendrika 12 March 1827 Holten y
LANDEWEERD, Teuntje 1 April 1825 Holten y
LANDEWEERD, Tonia 11 February 1833 Holten n
LIEFTINK, Johanna 29 November 1767 Aalten n
LONG, child n
LONG, J. y
LONG, Mrs. J. n
LUBBERS, Hein 18 May 1841 Wierden-Enter n
LUBBERS, Hendrikus 17 September 1806 Wierden-Enter n
LUBBERS, Lucas 31 January 1843 Wierden-Enter n
LUBBERS, Marijke 2 January 1801 Enter n
MANN, John y
MEERDINK, Janna Hendrika 26 August 1820 Winterswijk n
MENNINK, Janna Willemina 31 March 1813 Winterswijk n
MERRILL, Newell n
MURDOCK, August n
NAGEL, Aaltjen about 1791 Gendringen ?
NAVIS, Dirk Willem 26 July 1801 Aalten n
NAVIS, Geertruid about 1839 n
NAVIS, Gerrit Hendrik 21 September 1833 Aalten n
NAVIS, Hendrik Jan 19 March 1836 Aalten n
NAVIS, Hendrik Willem about 1842 n
NAVIS, Hendrika Johanna 17 March 1827 Aalten n
NIBBELINK, Varsseveld n
NIJWEIDE, Berendina 25 February 1842 Winterswijk n
NIJWEIDE, Christina 18 October 1845 Winterswijk n
NIJWEIDE, Engelbarts 11 November 1843 Winterswijk n
NIJWEIDE, Hendrik Jan 16 March 1811 Winterswijk n
NIJWEIDE, Jan Willem 24 December 1839 Winterswijk n
NIJWEIDE, Janna Hendrika 1 August 1837 Winterswijk n
NUGENT, John n
OBERINK, Evert Jan 30 January 1823 Varsseveld n
OBERINK, Gerrit Jan 20 July 1828 Varsseveld n
OBERINK, Gerritje 27 May 1825 Varsseveld y
OBERINK, Grada 19 May 1834 Varsseveld n
OBERINK, Gradus 7 November 1831 Varsseveld ?
OBERINK, Hendrik Willem 13 September 1838 Varsseveld n
OBERINK, Lammert 2 March 1789 Varsseveld n
O’BRIEN, Michael y
O’CONNOR, Mrs. T. y
O’CONNOR, Terence y
ONNINK, Berendina Willemina 28 February 1846 Winterswijk n
ONNINK, Hendrik Jan 2 June 1844 Winterswijk n
ONNINK, Hendrik Willem 24 February 1818 Winterswijk n
ONNINK, Janna Geertruid 13 April 1843 Winterswijk n
OONK, Gerrit Jan 10 December 1814 Winterswijk n
OONK, Gerrit Jan 23 April 1839 Winterswijk n
OONK, Gerrit Jan 9 May 1844 Winterswijk n
OONK, Harmina 19 January 1832 Winterswijk y
OONK, Jan Hendrik 28 November 1828 Winterswijk n
OONK, Jan Willem 8 July 1795 Winterswijk y
OONK, Jan Willem 10 January 1821 Winterswijk n
OONK, Jan Willem 26 August 1841 Winterswijk n
OONK, Janna Hendrika 17 February 1835 Winterswijk y
OONK, Johanna 1 September 1825 Winterswijk y
OWEN, William n
REESSINK, Jan Derk 24 April 1823 Winterswijk ?
REESSINK, Jan Hendrik 21 January 1828 Winterswijk ?
REUSELINK, Harmen Jan 4 September 1815 Winterswijk y
REXWINKEL, Johanna 1 February 1802 Gendringen n
RISDALE, Horace n
SCHUPPERT, Dena Johanna 9 August 1845 Holten y
SCHUPPERT, Teunis 12 December 1813 Holten y
SIEBELINK, Gerrit Jan 17 September 1838 Winterswijk n
SIEBELINK, Hendrik Jan 23 August 1806 Winterswijk n
SIEBELINK, Janna Geertruid 7 January 1835 Winterswijk n
SIKKINK, Jan Albert 19 November 1811 Winterswijk n
SIKKINK, Jan Berend 17 September 1842 Winterswijk n
SIKKINK, Jan Derk 7 April 1839 Winterswijk n
SIKKINK, Janna Aleida 18 April 1846 Winterswijk n
SIKKINK, Johanna Hendrika 3 July 1837 Winterswijk n
SIKKINK, Tobias 24 February 1835 Winterswijk n
STEVENS, Harmiena 24 May 1809 Holten n
SWEET, Benjamin G. y
te KOTTE, Antonie 11 April 1836 Varsseveld n
te KOTTE, Derk Willem 16 February 1830 Varsseveld n
te KOTTE, Gerrit Jan about 1821 Varsseveld n
te KOTTE, Hendrik Jan 26 December 1789 Aalten n
te KOTTE, Johanna Geertruid 16 February 1828 Varsseveld n
te WINKEL, Tobias Hendrik 31 May 1840 Winterswijk m
te WINKEL, Gerrit Jan 16 January 1842 Winterswijk m
te WINKEL, Janna Geertruid 5 April 1844 Winterswijk m
te WINKEL, Gerrit Willem 10 October 1846 Winterswijk m
ten BROEKE, Johanna 17 May 1803 Rekken n
ten DOLLE, Willemina 25 July 1829 Winterswijk y
ten HAKEN, Hendrika 3 August 1823 Winterswijk ?
ten PAS, Johanna Berendina 9 March 1809 Winterswijk n
TOEBES, Mr. Varsseveld n
TOEBES, Mrs. n
UNKNOWN (colored cook) n
UNKNOWN (colored cook) n
VERINK, Hanna Theodora 11 November 1815 Winterswijk n
VOSKUIL, Derk Anthony 11 May 1817 Winterswijk y
VOSKUIL, Dora Gesiena 12 November 1811 Winterswijk n
WEENINK, Aleijda 8 January 1806 Winterswijk n
WEST, child n
WEST, Mr. n
WEST, Mrs. n
WILDENBEEST, Dina Johanna 20 January 1841 Dinxperlo n
WILDENBEEST, Roelof 24 November 1805 Varsseveld n
WILLINK, Berendina 5 April 1811 Winterswijk y
WILTERDINK, Anna Wilhelmina 7 May 1842 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Anna Willemina 17 May 1778 Winterswijk ?
WILTERDINK, Berend Willem 23 December 1844 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Derk Jan 2 March 1806 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Gerrit Hendrik 24 July 1845 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Gerrit Jan 29 February 1836 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Harmen Jan 22 October 1809 Winterswijk ?
WILTERDINK, Hendrik Jan 19 May 1807 Winterswijk y
WILTERDINK, Jan Albert 4 April 1840 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Jan Hendrik 3 May 1846 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Jan Willem 14 December 1811 Winterswijk ?
WILTERDINK, Janna Berendina 27 January 1800 Winterswijk n
WILTERDINK, Janna Gesina 19 April 1838 Winterswijk n
WISSINK, Berend Jan 3 October 1812 Goor y
ZWEERS, Aleida 2 March 1789 Wierden-Enter ?


Survivor – y means the person survived the Phoenix disaster.
Survivor – n means the person did not survive the Phoenix disaster.
Survivor – ? means it’s unsure whether the person was on the Phoenix or not, but if so the person did not survive the Phoenix disaster.

In the stories section, articles can be found about some of these passengers. In these cases, the names of the passengers have been linked to the relevant articles.

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  1. In het passagierslijst van de Phoenix staat Roelof Wildenbeest met 24-11-1811 als geboortedatum. Dat is onjuist. UIt de extracten bij zijn huwelijksakte blijkt dat hij geboren is op 24-11-1805. Zie

  2. Bedankt voor deze correctie, ik heb het verwerkt in het artikel.

  3. E Wilterdink says

    Hallo Yvette,
    Jan Hendrik (John Henry) Wilterdink geboren op b. 4 Jun 1818
    Mis ik in de lijst. Hij is ook meegegaan op deze boottocht.
    Uit bronnen uit Armerika, is hij in New York uitgestapt (tussenstop) want hij had geen geld meer voor de verdere boottocht.
    geweldige site!

    • Hallo,

      Bedankt voor je compliment. Deze Jan Hendrik ken ik wel, maar omdat hij op het moment van de ramp niet aan boord was hoort hij voor mij niet in de lijst thuis. Deze lijst bevat alle overlevenden en slachtoffers, dus de passagiers en bemanning die de fatale nacht aan boord waren. Er zijn nog tientallen meer mensen die onderweg uit zijn gestapt, of eerder vertrokken waren (bijv. om dienstplicht te ontvluchten) die daardoor niet aan boord waren.

  4. It’s so moving to see these names and think how they might have founded families here in the United States. I know it doesn’t exactly make sense, but I read this and think what if these were the names of my Dutch ancestors instead of Reesink, Meerdink, Freers, Schreurs, Warnshuis and Huinink? They could have been someone’s ancestors but for that horrible end to their lives.

  5. Todd Heideman says

    Thanks for the list. I found several of them to be my cousins. While I heard about this as a kid it really hit home seeing all these names I know from my own genealogy research.


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