Dutch Genealogy News for January 2023

This is an overview of the new sources, websites, projects and other news that was announced last month.


  • Birth, marriage, and death records of the country of Suriname have been scanned. They can be consulted on the National Archives of Suriname website. The civil registration only includes free people. Slavery was abolished in Suriname in 1863 so from then on, the registration includes the entire population.
  • Notarial records of Delft have been scanned and partially indexed. They can be found at the Stadsarchief Delft website.
  • The population register of Hilversum 1850-1862 has been indexed. You can consult the index and scans via the Historical Center Gooi and Vecht website.
  • Indexes of birth records of Oldemarkt (1913-1917) and Weerselo (1811-1816, 1837-1855, 1909-1912) have been added to Open Archives.
  • The Regional Archives in Tilburg have scanned all the civil registration records that became public in 2023 for most municipalities in their region. Check the overview of digital sources. The records will be indexed in the next few months.
  • The Zoetermeer archives scanned and indexed the 1922 birth records of Zoetermeer and Zegwaart. They can be consulted on the Zoetermeer City Archives website.
  • The village administration of Alphen in Noord-Brabant 1600-1810 has been digitized. The records can be consulted via the finding aid.
map showing plots next to a river

Map of plantations in Suriname (Nationaal Archief, Map Collection Leupe, 4.VEL call number 1679A)


  • The Dutch First Names Database has been renewed. You can now see maps that show the distribution of names throughout the country. This can help the most likely place of origin. Go to the website (English version available), search for a name and then go to the Geography tab.

Distribution of the typical Frisian name Rindert in 2017


  • The Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum finished the migration of its digital repository and now has the information searchable via their website. The digital repository has born digital records for Noord-Brabant, including building and nuisance permits.
  • The Drents Archief received a bundle of records from World War II, from a former jail warden in Assen. This includes a list of 191 prisoners in 1944-1945 in the Assen jail. [Source: Drents Archief]


  • The Venlo City Archives has started a project to digitize the Venlo City Administration records 1272-1814 and notarial records of Venlo and Blerick. [Source: Venlo City Archives]
  • The Dutch Forensic Institute has started a project to identify the victims of the Flood of 1953. 1836 people died in that flood and several remains have never been identified. Relatives are asked to provide DNA for comparison. [Source: Nu.nl]
  • Zaandam building permits are being digitized. The scans will become available at the Zaanstad archives website.
  • The Hilversum police reports 1925-1949 are being digitized. [Source: Gooi & Vecht]
  • The Gouda Time Machine is looking for volunteers to help the virtual reconstruction of the buildings in Gouda by locating photos, registering addresses in population registers, and georeferencing Gouda maps. Volunteers can report to Vele Panden.

Map of Gouda by Johannes Blaeu, 1649 (public domain)

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