Dutch Genealogy News for May 2024

This is an overview of all the new sources, projects, and other news of the past month.


  • Gelderland birth records (1913-1922), marriage records (1943-1947), and death records (1961-1972) have been scanned and indexed and can now be consulted via the Gelders Archief. That includes the birth records of my grandparents. This completes the project “Van de Wieg tot Graf” [From Cradle to Grave] that started in 1998 to index the Gelderland civil registration records. 421,264 scans have been indexed. A big thank you to all the volunteers!
  • Several civil registration birth, marriage, and death records of Amsterdam have been transcribed using handwritten text recognition and can now be searched at the Amsterdam Archives Transkribus website.
  • The Utrechts Archief indexed various sources relating to Utrecht in World War II. 3,000 more names have been added to the website Oorlogsbronnen [War Sources].
  • Clemens Fransen published transcriptions of court records of Oldenzaal 1511-1687 at his website.
  • The complete series of town records of Tilburg and Goirle 1387-1810 have been scanned. Scans are available via the finding aid.
  • Criminal court records of ‘s-Hertogenbosch 1897-1905 have been indexed and scanned and can be consulted at the Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum website.
  • Poll tax records 1623 of several places in South Holland have been transcribed and made available on the Genealogie Rijnland website.
  • The newspaper De Duinstreek (1945-1990) has been digitized and can be consulted at the website of the Regionaal Archief Alkmaar. The newspaper was published weekly and covered news in Bergen, Schoorl, and Egmond.
  • The 1681 property tax records from the Tielerwaard area in Gelderland have been scanned and transcribed. They can be searched via the finding aid.
  • Various dike tax records of the Tielerwaard area in Gelderland 1609-1833 have been made available online. Scans are available via the finding aid and indexes via the Hollandse Genealogische Databank (search for “dijkcedullen”).

Birth record of Hendrik Hoitink, 13 March 1914, now indexed and online.


  • The civil registration birth, marriage, and death records from Weststellingwerf in Freisland will be scanned and will become available via Alle Friezen.
  • The Zeeuws Archief is starting a project to digitize sources related to the liberation of Zeeland at the end of World War II. They plan to put the records online by the end of 2024. [Source: Zeeuws Archief]
  • Population registers of the area around Gouda are being indexed. Volunteers indexed over 5,000 scans in a few weeks. The results will become available at the Streekarchief Midden-Holland website.
  • Population registers of Goes 1895-1909 are being indexed. Volunteers can report to Vele Handen.
Map of Goes

Map of Goes, 1867. Credits: Jacob Kuyper, via Wikimedia Commons (public domain)


  • The municipality of Deventer turned over over 26 record groups to Collectie Overijssel. Collectie Overijssel manages the records of the province of Overijssel and various municipalities in Overijssel, including Deeventer. The records that have been turned over include civil registrration records, various permits, records of non-profit organizations, and various other records relating to Deventer and Diepenveen. Most records are from the 1900s. By turning the records over to the archives, the municipality ensures easy access to their records, as required by law. [Source: Collectie Overijssel]
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