Kastein; Roelof, Willem and Theodora

Several members of the Kastein family emigrated from the Dutch/German border towns of Dinxperlo and Süderwick to the United States. They ended up in Alto,WI.

In the 1860’s, two brothers by the names of Roelof Kastein and Willem Kastein emigrated to the United States. They were children of Gerardus Joannes (Gerrit Jan) KASTEIN and Berendina DUENCK (Doinck). Their sister Theodora had led the way.

Theodora Kastein

Theodora KASTEIN, born Süderwick 13 May 1821was married in Dinxperlo on 15 May  1847 to Garrit Jan WESTERVELD, born Gendringen 29 October 1813, son of Hendrik Willem WESTERVELD and Dina Joanna HESEN.

From this marriage:

  1. Berendina WESTERVELD, born Winterswijk 13-11-1847.
  2. Johanna WESTERVELD, born Winterswijk 31-10-1849.
  3. Jan WESTERVELD, born Winterswijk 26-06-1852
  4. Gerrit Willem WESTERVELD, born Winterswijk 30-05-1856

Theodora and Garrit Jan emigrated from the Wubbelbeek farm in the hamlet of Dorpbuurt, number 99, in Winterswijk on July 20, 1856, together with their four children. Where they want to is unknown at this point in time.

Roelof Kastein

Roelof KASTEIN, a weaver and farmer, was born on October 21 1811 in Süderwick and baptized six days later in Dinxperlo. He was married to Elisabeth te BEEST, born in Dinxperlo on April 9, 1809.

Together with their three children Gerhard (b. 30 May 1845), and the twins Theodora and Willemina (b. 8 February 1849), they left Dinxperlo from their farm Weverjanshuis on 16 July 1867. In the emigration list, it is indicated that Gerhard died exactly a week afterwards on 23 July 1867.

Roelof and Elisabeth ended up in Alto, WI in the United States. Elisabeth died there on 6 December 1879 and Roelof followed her to the grave on 20 January 1894. They’re burried side by side on the Reformed Cemetery in Alto, Wisconsin in row 4.

Willem Kastein

Willem KASTEIN, a day laborer and farmer, was in Süderwick 12 October 1814 and baptized in Dinxperlo four days later. On 15 October 1836, he married Aleida Ramaker in Dinxperlo. She was born in Süderwick on 18 November 1813.

From this marriage:

  1. Bernard KASTEIN, farmer, born Gendringen about 1837, died Dinxperlo 24 April 1867
  2. Hendrika Willemina KASTEIN, born Dinxperlo 19 April 1839. Marr. WI, USA 1872 Gerrit van GALEN, born March 1836.
  3. Gerrit Jan KASTEIN, born 11 September 1840.
  4. Janna Geertruid KASTEIN, born 10 February 1842.
  5. Johan Arnold KASTEIN, blacksmith, born 03-02-1843.
  6. stillborn child, born Dinxperlo 16 May 1843
  7. Wesselina Berendina KASTEIN, born 12-10-1844.
  8. Hendrik Jan KASTEIN, born 22-08-1846.
  9. Jan Willem KASTEIN, born Dinxperlo about 1850, died Dinxperlo 14 April 1852.
  10. Willemina Aleida KASTEIN, born Dinxperlo 1852, died Dinxperlo 18 March 1854.

Two years after his elder brother, Willem and his family emigrate to the United States. They left the farm ‘Weelink’ in Dinxperlo on 2 July 1869..

Willem died in Alto on 25 July 1878, Aleida on 22 March 1880. Just like his brother they are burried at the Reformed Cemetery in Alto.

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