The first few days

The trip was the last scheduled trip for the Phoenix that year,
since the winter was already setting in. The Phoenix would take the
passengers to Milwaukee and Chicago.

On November 11, 1847 the Phoenix took of. No problems occurred the
first two days, but on November 13, captain Benjamin Sweet fell on deck
and hurt his ankle. First he denied the pain, but the ankle got
inflamed so he was confined to his cabin from November 16 on. The rest
of the crew took over his duties.

The weather was good the first couple of days, but after the Street of
Mackinac it turned bad. The had to wait a few days and also found
shelter in Manitowoc Bay. The vessel had to be refueled there as well.
Using the unexpected break, the crew visited some Manitowoc bars. The
weather improved and around one o’clock at night of November 21, 1847
the Phoenix left for its next stop, Sheboygan, about 25 miles south of

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