Dutch term – Bakker and Bakkerij

A bakker is a baker, and a bakkerij is a bakery.

Bread was and is a staple in the Dutch diet. The content and weight of loaves of bread was heavily regulated. If you have ancestors who were bakers, you may find them on lists of calibrated weights, or involved in court cases if their loaves were found to be too light or containing different ingredients than advertized.

baker selling bread

Interior of a traditional bakery in Den Bosch, 2003. Credits: P. van Galen, Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed

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  1. Doris Waggoner says


    What a stunning interior! Both of the murals are beautiful, as is the chandelier. The Gothic shape of the window is also lovely. How hard did you have to search to find the photos? Do other occupations have such traditional interiors (or exteriors?). I’ve seen American bakeries with traditional interiors, depending on the nation of origin, but never one to rival this Dutch one. Do different regions vary a lot?


    • Hi Doris,
      Yes, interiors vary a lot from one region to the next. And yes, all types of shops had special interiors, although I’m not sure that all of them survived to be photographed.
      I never have any trouble finding photos. I used to work at the National Archives in The Hague and was the technical project manager for their image bank for a while. That taught me a lot about their photo collection so often I will remember a fitting photo when writing an article and then look it up. If I don’t think of a photo, I usually go to the Open Cultuur Data (Open Culture Data) search engine and search for a relevant term. But in many cases, I start by randomly browsing the nice photo collections and then write an article around a photo that I enjoy. That was the case with this bakery 🙂

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