Dutch term – Krijgsraad

Krijgsraad means "court martial." You may find a reference to a court martial in your ancestor's military records if they made severe transgressions. If the person was sentenced to a prison sentence, prison records may also refer to the court martial verdict. Court martial records are typically kept in the regional historical center in the provincial capital. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Heden

Heden means "on this day." You may encounter this term in birth or death records, in family announcements in newspapers, or in any other document where the date is also found elsewhere. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Speelkind

A speelkind [literally: play child] is a child born out of wedlock to unwed parents; not the result of adultery. Under Roman-Dutch law, a speelkind would inherit from his mother's family just like a legitimate child, but would not inherit from the father's side of the family unless explicitely named in a will. A child born from adultery, however, would inherit from neither family, not even when mentioned in a will. Speelkinderen could be legitimized by a subsequent marriage of their … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Quaclappen

Quaclappen is an archaic Dutch word that originally meant to gossip or slander. In genealogy, you may come across the term in court records, as the summaries of verdicts in civil cases. I have mostly come across the term in Friesland, where the index of quaclappen for 1527-1591 are available via Alle Friezen. Transcriptions for 1600-1620 are available via Tresoar. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Compareren

The verb "compareren" means to compear: to present oneself in a legal matter. Court or notarial records often start with "Compareerde voor mij" [compeared before me]. This is often followed by a formal testimony or request. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Transport

The Dutch word transport can simply mean transport, but in legal records it means the transfer of property. Deeds of sale are sometimes called transportakten [transport deeds] or are recorded in transportregisters [transport registers]. Transport deeds will mention the previous and new owners, any rights or encumbrances attached to the property (like tithes, right of way), and a description of its location. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Koper

A koper is a buyer. You can find the term in land records, such as deeds to purchase a house or in notarial or court records for estate sales. The term is also used in occupations, such as wijnkoper (wine buyer; wine merchant) or houtkoper (wood buyer; wood trader). As an adjective, koper means copper. You may encounter it in some estate inventories that include copper items in the house.   … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Geërfde

In the eastern parts of the Netherlands, a geërfde was a heritor, the owner of a property with certain rights in the commons. The heritors of a district would come together periodically to discuss matters relating to the commons. The geërfde would have a vote in any decisions made there, for example relating to the sale of common land, taxation, allocating funds for road repairs, and other matters involving the community. The records of such meetings can provide interesting insights into the … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Roepnaam

A roepnaam is a call name. Roepnamen were often derivatives of the official name. For example, these were the call names of my grandparents: Hendrik Hoitink, known as Henk Gesiena Wilhelmina Woordes, known as Mien, a diminutive of Wilhelmina. Johannes Marijnissen, known as Jan. Catharina Flooren, known as Toos. Catharina was shortened to Cato, which became Toos (pronounced "toes") in some southern parts of the Netherlands. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Openingstijden

Openingstijden are opening hours. If you want to visit an archive, check their website for opening hours. Some archives require making an appointment or booking a seat. Archives increasingly have virtual opening hours too, where you can chat with a reading room attendant to ask questions about your research. This chat service can be very helpful if you have quick questions about using the website or which sources to use for your research. … [Read more...]