Quick tip – Beta version of WieWasWie

WieWasWie, the website where many Dutch archives publish their indexes and scans of genealogical sources, has a new website. It is in beta, which means that they are looking for user feedback.

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  1. Kirk Payne says

    Unfortunately, when I click on the link I get a Server Error and a Stack Trace. While I happen to be a SW Engineer, I don’t really want to debug the trace. 🙂

  2. Jacquie Schattner says

    I was able to get in using either of the links. Very nice, easy to navigate. I ocasionally was linked to the page following the actual records. One example was an 1835 records for Suzanna Knudde. It took me to the page after the page the record was on. But I saw the record number, so I went back a page.


  3. Jude Paver says

    It isn’t an irmpovement 🙁

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