Dates and times

List of terms you need to translate dates and times. Note on dates: Dutch dates are written in the form dd-mm-yyyy, so 2-5-1920 means 2 May 1920.

Names of the months

Dutch term English translation
januari January
februari February
maart March
april April
mei May
juni June
juli July
augustus August
september September
oktober October
november November
december December

Names of the weekdays

Dutch term English translation
maandag Monday
dinsdag Tuesday
woensdag Wednesday
donderdag Thursday
vrijdag Friday
zaterdag Saturday
zondag Sunday


Dutch term English translation
voor before
tijdens during
na after
circa, ca. about, approximately
tussen between
tussen … en … between … and …


Dutch term English translation
half …. half to … ("half 2" means 1.30)
kwart over quarter past
kwart voor quarter to
kwartier quarter of an hour
minuten minutes
minuut minute
na de middag after noon, PM
‘s avonds in the evening, PM
‘s middags in the afternoon, PM
‘s morgens in the morning, AM
‘s nachts in the night, AM
uren hours, o’clock
uur hour, o’clock
voor de middag before noon, AM
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