Dutch Genealogy News for April 2017

Here are some of the new websites and resources that have become available to us in the past month.

Online Dutch records

  • In Friesland, five thousand cards that recorded the hiding places of people in World War II were discovered. These include Jewish people and people who were involved in the resistance. The cards have been scanned and indexed and can be searched at the Onderduiken in Friesland [In Hiding in Friesland] website.
  • The Redbot Digitization Project also scanned many other Frisian records. The marriage supplements until 1932 have been digitized and are being added to AlleFriezen, and so are the court records of the municipalities, which start in the late Middle Ages and continue to 1811.
  • The Tholen archives have digitized the conveyance (transfer of property ownership) records online. Tholen is now offers some of the most complete online resources, including church records, orphan chamber records and population registers.
  • The Gooi en Vechtstreek Regional Archives published digital indexes of the church records, court records, and notarial records from 1550-1811 from Ankeveen, Blaricum, ‘s-Graveland, Hilversum, Kortenhoef, Laren, Loosdrecht, and Nederhorst den Berg.
  • The Rotterdam City Archives changed their genealogical record management system. As a result, their indexes can now be found via Archieven.nl.
  • The Huygens Institute published a digital version of a book with transcribed records of the Walloon Church in the Netherlands for the 1601-1697 on their website. This is an important source for researching Huguenot families. The records are in French.
man in a hole in the ground

Men in hiding, 1945. Credits: unknown photographer, collection Nationaal Archief (public domain)

Project news

  • The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library) obtained the rights to digitize several newspapers that are still protected by copyrights. The project still needs funding so it will be a while before these will become available online via Delpher.
  • A new volunteer indexing project started at VeleHanden [Many Hands] to index the population registers of Kennemerland and Amstel- and Meerlanden. The index will become available via Archieven.nl.

Other news

  • During a renovation of a church in Gorssel, Gelderland, some old records were discovered in a vault. This includes a charity register of 1669-1699, the membership records for 1772-1859 and the minutes of the church council for 1817-1831. The registers are being checked for mold and bugs, and will then be transferred to the Regional Archives of Zutphen, which also keeps the other records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Gorssel.
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