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Creating a website like this is a fun activity. There are so many options, so many choices. What do visitors want? What do I want? In this blog I will describe some of the things I encounter in developing and maintaining this website.

English translations of French occupations

During the French occupation in the Netherlands (1795-1813), many of the official records were written in French. Here are some of the occupations you can find in the records, with their English translations. Accoucheur > Obstetrician Adjoint > Aldermen Adjoint-Maire > Interim mayor Advocat > Lawyer Agriculteur > … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Atlas of Mutual Heritage

The website Atlas of Mutual Heritage contains images of places associated with the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and West India Company (WIC). These include trade posts and former colonies in Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America. For some of these places, the VOC and WIC archives contain the oldest surviving records and … [Read more...]

Dutch Genealogy News for August 2019

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month. Online sources MyHeritage just added a new collection of Netherlands newspapers 1659-1899. These newspapers are available at Delpher. If you have a tree at MyHeritage, you will start receiving record matches for these newspapers. The … [Read more...]

Tip: The Dutch: Emigration to North America Tour in 2020

"The Dutch: Emigration to North America" is a tour for people from North America who want to come to the Netherlands to explore their Dutch roots. It is organized by the Association for the Advancement of Dutch-American Studies (AADAS) together with Witte Travel and will be held from 29 April to 11 May 2020. My friend Mary Risseeuw is one of the … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Was that lost record transcribed or indexed?

Some parts of the Netherlands, especially Zeeland, suffered heavy record loss during World War II. Church records and court records may have been lost as a result. Most civil registration records survive, because duplicates were made of those at the time of creation, and both copies were in different locations. Before World War II, some people … [Read more...]

Was Eleanor of Aquitaine my Ancestor? Generation 20 – Jan van Wijfliet

This is the twenty-first post in a series about my possible line of descent from Eleanor of Aquitaine. In the first post, I explained how I discovered the possible line, and how I am going to verify it one generation at a time. In the┬álast post, I proved that my sixteenth great-grandfather Willem van Wijfliet was the son of Jan van Wijfliet. Jan … [Read more...]

Dutch Genealogy News for July 2019

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month. Online sources Open Archives started a pilot to search scans by content. This works for typed records only. It uses Optical Character Recognition technology to make the records searchable. You can submit your own URLs of records hosted on … [Read more...]

Quick tip – What Interpretations Were Added to the Abstract?

I recently came across a publication that abstracted Dutch records. In the publication, the compiler had grouped a marriage record and two baptismal records together. The parents of the child in the first baptismal record, a year after the marriage, had the same names as the married couple. The name of the child in the second baptismal record … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Use Scanning on Demand

Research in original sources can be difficult if you do not live near the repository. Good news: several archives in the Netherlands offer scanning on demand from their finding aids. They will scan the records for you. Often, they're put online for everyone to use, while other archives choose to send you the files personally. Some archives … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Doing On-Site Research in the Netherlands

Are you coming to MyHeritage Live in Amsterdam in September 2019? Or are you planning another trip to the Netherlands and want to do some on-site research while you're here? Here are ten tips to make the most of the time you have available. 1: Government records are in archives, not libraries or courthouses In the Netherlands, government records … [Read more...]