About this website

Creating a website like this is a fun activity. There are so many options, so many choices. What do visitors want? What do I want? In this blog I will describe some of the things I encounter in developing and maintaining this website.

Top 10 Dutch genealogy websites

There are thousands of sites that are helpful for researching your ancestors from the Netherlands. This list contains my 10 favorites. I have limited this list to websites that would be useful for people who don't speak Dutch, which means they are either available in English or self-explanatory. … [Read more...]

Quick Tip – Living People are not Easy to Find

Because of strict privacy rules in the Netherlands, living people are not easy to find. In general, records of people born less than 100 years ago are not public. Here are some sources for researching people in the 1900s that may help you to find living relatives. Another option is to take a DNA test. Because Dutch people are careful of their … [Read more...]

What Dutch DNA Looks Like – 2020 Edition

Ethnicity estimates can vary between companies. They have different algorithms, different reference populations, and define different regions. To show you what Dutch DNA could look like with the various companies, here are my own results. Based on my tree, I should be >99% Dutch, with a bit of German and French. I have some medieval lines … [Read more...]

Archives preparing to re-open

Most archives in the country have closed their doors during the corona crisis. Archives are now preparing to re-open, often with restrictions on the number of visitors in the reading room and new seating plans and routes that allow patrons to keep their distance. I expect all archives to be open again by June 1st. Archives who offer … [Read more...]

Dutch Genealogy News for April 2020

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month. Sources The Gelders Archief finished creating a finding aid for the Counts and Dukes of Gelre and Zutphen (1107-1543). The finding aid can be found at the Gelders Archief website and contains scans of many of the records. The charters … [Read more...]

Virtual Pilgrim Event Leiden400 on 16 May

On Saturday May 16, the online opening of the Pilgrim Year Leiden400 will take place! The Pilgrims lived in Leiden from 1609 to 1620, when they left for America. Get to know Leiden during the virtual event, which will be in English. Take a city walk through the historic center, and meet people who will tell you about Leiden in the time of the … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Website War Lives

The website War Lives documents the lives of people during World War II using original records from the period. The website shows a time line for each person, and links to the sources that were used to compile the information. Sources include war graves, databases of prisoners in camps in the Netherlands and the East Indies, documentation … [Read more...]

Early Warning Signs: My LEGO Census

I started doing genealogy when I was fifteen years old, but there were early warning signs. From about age 4 to 12, I loved playing with LEGOs. We had an old dining room table in the attic that was exactly 3x5 LEGO street plates large, that I used to build my LEGO city. Originally, I liked building the houses, but pretty soon I was making up … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Achterhoek resources at Genealogiedomein

The website Genealogiedomein has resources for research in the eastern part of Gelderland, the area known as the "Achterhoek." Available resources include: Transcribed church records before 1811 Transcribed civil registration records after 1811 Indexed census records Indexes or transcriptions of court records Indexes or … [Read more...]

Finding Maritime Ancestors from the Netherlands

People from the Netherlands have always lived with water. Many of our ancestors made a living from the sea: as sailors, marines, fishermen, or traders. Here are some websites and sources that can help you find your maritime ancestors. Websites VOC sailors, database of people who sailed on ships of the Dutch East India Company. West India … [Read more...]