Dutch Genealogy News for December 2021

This is an overview of the new website projects, and other news announced last month.


  • Over 250,000 newspapers were added to Delpher, including many regional newspapers.
  • The guild records of Breda are now available via the Breda City Archives website. Search for gilde*  to get an overview of all the guild records. Then click a record group and press “hele toegang” [whole finidng aid]. If you select a call number, you will see the scans.
  • Press photos of the De Boer press agency with photos from North Holland 1945-2005 are now available via the Noord-Hollands Archief image bank.

Press photo of the Beatles, 1964. Credits: Noord-Hollands Archief (CC-0)

Map of Schokland showing Ens and Nes, 1700s. Credits: Noord-Hollands Archief (public domain)


  • The project to index Suriname birth records is progressing well. Volunteers are now asked to help index the period 1900-1915. See the project page at Het Volk.
  • A new project has started to index the birth, marriage, and death records of Midden-Holland [Middle Holland, the region around Gouda]. Volunteers can report to Vele Handen.
  • A new project has started to index 17th century notarial records from Utrecht. Join Vele Handen to volunteer.
  • Death records from Friesland will be more easily searchable. Volunteers entered more names to the existing index. The results will be available around April via AlleFriezen.
  • Transkribus, the software that uses artificial intelligence for handwritten text recognition, now has a new model to automatically transcribe 17th century Dutch manuscripts. You can upload a scan to test the model at the ReadCoop website.


  • The Netherlands is back in lockdown until 14 January 2022 at least. Several archives have closed their reading rooms, while others are open, often by appointment only. Some archives are only open for urgent requests, not genealogy. Most archives who offer scanning on demand still do so. Please check the website of the archives for details about their services.
  • The West-Fries Archief created a new finding aid for the municipal records of Hoorn 1816-1949.
  • Four Dutch collections have been nominated for Unesco’s Memory of the World Register: the Erasmus collection of the Rotterdam library; the Digitale Stad [Digital City], one of the first internet networks in the 1990s; Hikayat Aceh, 17th century manuscripts about the history of the Sultan of Aceh; and the documentary heritage of the enslaved people of the Dutch Carribean and their descendants. [source: Unesco].
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