Dutch Genealogy News for July 2018

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month.

Online sources

  • ZoekAkten, the website that provided easy waypoints to the Dutch records at FamilySearch, has been taken offline. The volunteer behind the website decided to pull the plug. The records themselves can still be found via the Netherlands page or via the Catalog at FamilySearch.
  • Volunteers have indexed the “Oost-Indisch Boek,” the military service records for soldiers in the Royal Dutch East Indies Army [Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger, KNIL]. The index can be downloaded and links to images of the digitized military records.
  • 1 million scans of the municipal administration of Tilburg 1938-1985 are available at the Regionaal Archief Tilburg website.
  • All notarial archives of the Tilburg Regional Archives are now available online. They can be found via the finding aids or (for the already indexed records) via the person search form.
  • Scans of notarial records of several towns in West-Friesland [in Noord-Holland] are now available via the West-Fries Archief.
  • Transcriptions of several church records from Limburg were added to GenBronnen.
  • The oldest known newspaper of Zeeland, from 27 August 1666, was discovered in the National Archives in London. It has been digitized and is available via the Zeeland newspaper database.

Zeeland newspaper from 1666 (fragment)


  • The Tilburg Regional Archives announced that the records of the aldermen’s court of Gilze and Rijen (1602-1811) are being digitized and are temporarily unavailable in the reading room. [Source: Regionaal Archief Tilburg]
  • The Gelders Archief announced that they have made more than 1 million scans of records through their free scanning-on-demand service this year alone. Two scanners and new employees digitize about 45,000 records per week. They have expanded the service to include more than 100 non-governmental record groups. [Source: Gelderlander, Gelders Archief]
  • The Amsterdam City Archives has launched a project to index the Amsterdam population registers from 1864-1874. Volunteers can join the project at VeleHanden.

Amsterdam in 1855


  • By 2019, the number of municipalities in the Netherlands will shrink to 355 after the Senate approved 12 mergers. [Source: DutchNews]
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