Quick tip: Find magazines and journals on Delpher

Many out-of-copyright magazines have been scanned and are available via Delpher. Delpher has digitized over 5.7 million pages from 470 magazines since the 1800s.

Some categories are:

  • Government publications, such as the Staatsblad van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden [National journal of the Kingdom of the Netherlands], where new laws and regulations are published.
  • Professional journals, just as Nieuwe bijdragen ter bevordering van het onderwijs en de opvoeding [new attributions for the promotion of education and raising children], which has information about teachers
  • Society journals, such as the Mededeelingen van de Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Vrouwen met Academische opleiding¬†[Information of the Dutch Society of Women with an Academic Education].

Staatsblad from 1814

Many of these journals include our ancestors. Let’s say you’re looking for a Margriet Veenstra in Leiden. Here are some queries you could try:

  • “Margriet Veenstra” [full name in quotes]
  • “M Veenstra” [initials plus full name in quotes]
  • Veenstra PROX Leiden [all instances where Veenstra appears close to Leiden]
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