Free DNA kits for cousins

[Nederlandse versie hieronder / Dutch version below]

I have several brick walls that I hope to solve using DNA, including several fathers of children born out of wedlock. On other lines, I would love to verify my information using DNA. Unfortunately, DNA testing is not that popular in the Netherlands, so I have many lines without any DNA matches. By offering free DNA kits, I hope to encourage the right people to test.

If you’re a descendant of any of the people listed below or are otherwise related to them, please let me know. Depending on how close the connection is, I may be willing to sponsor a DNA test for you. If you descend from the ancestors below and have already tested, please contact me to discuss our shared DNA (or lack thereof).

Nederlandse versie / Dutch version

Ik heb verschillende doodlopers in mijn stamboom die ik hoop met DNA op te lossen, waaronder meerdere vaders van onwettige kinderen. Bij andere lijnen hoop ik de gegevens te controleren met DNA. Helaas is DNA testen niet zo populair in Nederland, en heb ik meerdere lijnen zonder DNA matches. Door gratis DNA testen beschikbaar te stellen, hoop ik dat de juiste mensen willen testen.

Als je een nakomeling bent van een van de mensen in onderstaande lijst, of op een andere manier aan hun verwant bent,  neem s.v.p. contact op. Afhankelijk van hoe nauw we verwant zijn, ben ik bereid om een DNA test voor je te betalen. Als je van deze mensen afstamt en al getest hebt, laat me dat dan ook weten zodat we samen kunnen kijken naar ons gedeelde DNA (of gebrek daaraan).

Free DNA kits for cousins

Qualifying ancestors / Relevante voorouders

I am particularly interested in descendants of the following people:

  • Eva van den Biggelaar (Terheijden, 1862 – Breda 1932)
  • Franciscus Bovendeert (Breda, 1836 – Breda, 1897)
  • Johannes Franciscus Bovendeert (The Hague, 1811 – Winkel, 1845)
  • Bartholomeus de Bruijn (Terheijden, 1804 – Terheijden, 1850)
  • Janna Geertruid Droppers (Winterswijk, 1886 – Almelo, 1967)
  • Cornelis Flooren (Teteringen, 1846 – Breda, 1918)
  • Adrianus Flooren (Princenhage, 1880 – Princenhage, 1937)
  • Antonie Gommeren (Sprundel, 1797 – Etten-Leur, 1845)
  • Jan Gommeren (Etten-Leur, 1839 – Etten-Leur, 1900)
  • Maria Gommeren also known as Verstraete (Etten-Leur, 1861 – Breda, 1918)
  • Gerardus van den Heuvel (Tilburg, 1853 – Breda, 1918)
  • Adriana van der Heijden (Rucphen, 1843 – Rucphen, 1927)
  • Hendrik Hoitink (Aalten, 1861 – Winterswijk, 1945)
  • Arend Kastein (Suderwick, 1817 – Winterswijk, 1903)
  • Willemina Berendina Kastein (Dinxperlo, 1856 – Winterswijk, 1916)
  • Anna Maria Koks (Made, 1806 – ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 1887)
  • Adrianus Luijten (Etten-Leur, 1875 – Roosendaal, 1928)
  • Jacobus Luijten (Etten-Leur, 1844 – Rucphen, 1928)
  • Johannes Marijnissen (Made en Drimmelen, 1864 – Eindhoven, 1943)
  • Petrus Marijnissen (Terheijden, 1897 – Breda, 1962)
  • Gerrit Jan van Nijkerken (Winterswijk, 1855 – Warnsveld, 1924)
  • Johanna Piek (Aalten, 1860 – Winterswijk, 1930)
  • Cornelia Platschart (Sint Anna ter Muiden, 1820 – Breda, 1899)
  • Maria Cornelia Platschart (Breda, 1861 – Breda, 1912)
  • Adriana Timmermans (Etten-Leur, 1799 – ?)
  • Cornelis Trouw (Etten-Leur, 1858 – Etten-Leur, 1897)
  • Adriana Trouw (Etten-Leur, 1891 – Princenhage, 1933)
  • Maria Verstraete also known as Gommeren (Etten-Leur, 1861 – Breda, 1918)
  • Maria Verstraete (Etten-Leur, 1833 – Etten-Leur, 1920)
  • Hendrik Woordes (Winterswijk, 1870 – Winterswijk, 1935)
  • Catharina van der Zanden (Loon op Zand, 1851 – Breda, 1930)
About Yvette Hoitink

Yvette Hoitink, CG®, QG™ is a professional genealogist in the Netherlands. She holds the Certified Genealogist credential from the Board for Certification of Genealogists and has a post-graduate diploma in Family and Local History from the University of Dundee. She has been doing genealogy for over 30 years and helps people from across the world find their ancestors in the Netherlands. Read about Yvette's professional genealogy services.


  1. Hi Yvette, I’m sure we share some common ancestry through my Tilburg ‘Paridaens/Spaendonk’ branches which goes back a long way, but I haven’t pinned anything down. Interestingly, on my Fathers side I have a large number of ancestors in the Borculo, Doetinchem, Lochem, and Zutphen, though nothing from Winterswijk. I have lots of ‘-tink’ surnames, like Lieftink from this region, and to the north into Overijssel, just like your surname ending. You could do a little story on the meaning and coverage of this surname ending in a future newsletter. I already have my own DNA (and my mothers ) on MyHeritage, and GEDMatch.

  2. The Trouw family name is very rare in the USA.
    Here is one young musician you might approach and ask her father to test…
    Instagram @elisetrouw

    Trouw is currently managed by her parents Anne (“I have an art background”) and software engineer Arie.

  3. What a terrific idea Yvette! I do not recognise any names but will check the tree tonight just in case. And good luck with this project : )

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