Dutch term – Gezin

A gezin is a nuclear family, consisting of a couple and their children. Other family members who lived in the same household can be considered part of the gezin too.

Painting of a family

The jolly family. Credits: Jan Steen, collection Rijksmuseum.

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Yvette Hoitink is a professional genealogist in the Netherlands. She has been doing genealogy for almost 25 years. Her expertise is helping people from across the world find their ancestors in the Netherlands. Read about Yvette's professional genealogy services.


  1. Hello Yvette,
    I have come across Atlantis as a source on some websites by researchers. Do you know what this source is?

    Thank you and sorry to say I likely will not be able to attend the conference in May 2018. I have four lines that tie back into the Netherlands so I could have benefited from the conference. Maybe some other time and closer to home.

    Thank you

    • Atlantis is a product by an archival supplier. Some archives use that platform to publish their genealogical indexes and scans. So Atlantis itself is not a source, it’s a platform to publish sources.
      Sorry to hear you won’t come to Grand Rapids. After the NGS conference, you will be able to purchase downloads of the presentations. I will announce that on the blog when they are available.

      • R Hallings says:

        Greetings Yvette,

        Thank you so much for the information about Atlantis. I have researched on my dutch ancestors and found I have many! My father’s and mother’s sides both have dutch connections. On my father’s side I am back to the mid/late 1600’s.
        In the future I would like to talk to you more about your services for researching them in areas that I lack access to and areas I don’t know about. I found an item referring to one person which looks kind of like an obituary, but not sure.
        I would like to point out that I’m interested in the people that were my ancestors, what they were like, where they lived, what they did as a means to support themselves, what the economic, religious conditions were at that time. Is this something you could research ?
        I’m very interested in those downloads when available.

        Thank you, Yvette and take care.

        • I love research projects that don’t just focus on names, dates, and places, but also on the stories about who these people were, what they did, and why. For some clients, I’ve written family stories that start with the earliest known ancestor and trace them through time to the present day, explaining about their lives and the villages where they lived. Please contact me for a proposal.

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