Dutch term – Gulden, Stuiver, Penning

In many older Dutch records, you will find sums of money noted in guldens [guilders], stuivers [stivers], and penningen [pennies].

1 gulden = 20 stuivers
1 stuiver = 16 penningen

For example, fl. 2 : 10 : 1 means 2 guilders, 10 stivers and 1 penny. Fl. is the abbreviation for florijn [florin], an old name for guilder used to denote the currency.

This system remained was in use in most parts of the Netherlands until 1816. The southern parts used Flemish pounds.

In 1816, the coin system was changed to the metric system, with 1 gulden being valued at 100 centen [cents]. In the metric system, the word stuiver was still in use for 1/20th of a gulden, valued at 5 cents.

The metric gulden remained the currency until the introduction of the euro in 2002. 1 euro was valued at 2.20371 guilders.


Holland gulden of 1762. Credits: Alf van Beem, Wikimedia Commons (CC-0)

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