Dutch term – Inbrengregister

An inbrengregister is an admission register. Inbrengregisters can be found in the archives of institutions where people were housed, like prisons, orphanages or mental institutions.

Inbrengregisters will usually give you the following information about an inmate:

    • Name
    • Place and date of birth
    • Reason for admission
    • Date of admission
    • Date of departure.

Sometimes, information about their time in the institution can be found in a notes column, or the register may include references to other records that you can follow up on.

See the article about prison records for that specific type of inbrengregister.

Dome prison in Breda

Dome prison in Breda. Credits: Cultural Heritage Service

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  1. Candace Carraway says

    Are there records of the children kept at orphanages in Den Haag around 1890 to 1910? My grandmother was in an orphanage there, and I would like to learn more about her experience.

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