New Netherland Settlers Project

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society just announced an exciting new project. They launched a multiyear project to develop detailed, peer-reviewed sketches of all the people residing in New Netherland prior to 1664.

I am proud to announce that I will be one of the researchers on the project. I will prepare sketches, review and select source material, and advise the project about the information architecture and direction, and scope.

View of New Amsterdam

View of New Amsterdam, 1665

I will be working on the project part-time and will continue to do projects for other clients, though with reduced hours.

See the announcement at the NYG&B website.

About Yvette Hoitink

Yvette Hoitink, MLitt, CG®, QG™ is a professional genealogist, writer, and lecturer in the Netherlands. She has a Master of Letters in Family and Local History from the University of Dundee, and holds the Certification of Genealogist and Qualified Genealogist credentials. Yvette served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Genealogists and won excellence awards for her articles in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly. Yvette has been doing genealogy for over 30 years. She helps people from across the world find their ancestors from the Netherlands and its former colonies, including New Netherland. Read about Yvette's professional genealogy services.


  1. Jane Kamerman says

    Congrats! You will be a great adviser for this! I always learn something from your posts!

  2. Shirley Van Winkle says

    I’m wondering how soon you will be doing a sketch of Jacob Walichs/Walingen/Van Winkel. He arrived on the Orangenboom in 1625. I have the baptismal records of his first three children in Hoorn. This was during one of several trips back to the Netherlands. The Van Winkle Y-DNA Group Project has identified his haplogroup, if this would be of interest.

  3. Eric Wynkoop says

    So glad I found this!

  4. Josephine Isaacs says

    Great project, congratulations Yvette!

  5. Good luck with the new project

  6. Kaythegardener says

    If only the late Lorine McGinnis Schultz could have seen this project. Her Olive Tree genealogy website had much info on the early New Amsterdam settlers — !!

  7. Carl Stymiest UE says

    Congratulations Yvette. So looking forward to this project.

  8. Congratulations Yvette. Sounds like a fabulous project!

  9. Cheryl B McDonald says

    Congratulations on your endeavor. Wishing your much success and happy hunting.

  10. Susan G. Denney says

    I am a descendant of Jacobus Backer (Baker) and Margariete Stuyvesant. I am not an authoritative source, but I can put you in touch with another descendant who knows much more than I do. I can provide that info to you through email, if you are interested. Thank you.


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