Quick tip – Use & in Open Archives

If you are using Open Archives for your research, try searching for two persons at once by using the & operator.

Example: Hendrik Hoitink and Johanna Piek

Hendrik Hoitink and Johanna Piek

Hendrik Hoitink and Johanna Piek

Let’s say I am looking for my ancestors Hendrik Hoitink and Johanna Piek. Searching for Hendrik Hoitink gives me 404 results. Searching for Johanna Piek gives me 1,456 results. That’s a lot of results to wade through! Most of them will be irrelevant.

However, if I search for Hendrik Hoitink & Johanna Piek, I get just 49 results, all relevant.

You can also use the Advanced Search to search for two people at once, but I find the & parameter even easier to use.

Open archives screenshot

Search results for Hendrik Hoitink & Johanna Piek

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