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There are many Dutch websites out there that provide access to genealogical records. Many of them use a search form that is available in Dutch only. Knowing the standard terms will enable you to use these forms.

Common field names

Dutch term English translation
achternaam last name
akte record
aktenummer record number
beginjaar begin year
beroep occupation (see translations of occupations)
bron source
eindjaar end year
familienaam last name
geboortedatum birth date (see translations of dates and times)
geboorteplaats birth place
inventarisnummer inventory number
jaar year (see translations of dates and times)
leeftijd age (see translations of dates and times)
overlijdensplaats death date (see translations of dates and times)
overlijdensdatum death date
patroniem patronymic, name derived from father’s name (see patronymic article)
periode period
plaats place, municipality
plaatsnaam place, municipality


rol role (see translations of family relationships)
toegangsnummer finding aid number
tussenvoegsels prefixes, like ‘Van’, ‘De’ (see prefixes article)
voornaam first name
voorvoegsels prefixes, like ‘Van’, ‘De’ (see prefixes article)

Search terms

Dutch term English translation
even geduld a.u.b. please wait a minute
resultaten results
start start
vind find
zoek search
zoeken search
zoekresultaten search results


Dutch term English translation
eerste first
laatste last
pagina page
sluit venster close window
sluiten close
volgende next
vorige previous
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  1. Bethany Ates Percy says

    My last name is Ates. I’ve always heard it was Dutch. Is this true?

    • It could be. Ate is a Frisian first name, and Ates is a patronymic meaning “son of Ate.” Genealogical research into your immigrant ancestors may show where they came from.

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