Slave registers of Curacao now available online

The slave registers of Curacao (1839-1863) and the emancipation registers of Curacao (1863) are now available via the website of the National Archives of Curacao and National Archives of the Netherlands.

Slave register

The slave register shows the people who were enslaved by private owners between 1839 until the abolition of slavery in 1863. The record the name of the enslaved person, the year of birth, the mother’s name, and the name of the enslaver. Mutations in ownership by birth, death, purchase, or sale, were also recorded.

The emancipation registers show the enslaved population at the moment slavery was ablished. This shows the last name they took as free persons.

Plantersrust plantation, Curacao, 1862 (public domain)

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  1. Hello, I’m trying to find out information about my grandfather John/Jan F. Faneite/Faniette Born 6/16/1875.
    His parents are: Bartholoma Faniette (Father) / Elizabeth Francisus ( Mother ). My grandfather was Seamen. He was married to Rosamond Laurence in Nevis in 1906. He came to New York in 1918. I’m trying any family of his.

  2. Barbara Balch says

    I wonder if there are slave registers predating this timeframe? (Not online, I presume)

    • No, this is all there is.There are other records to research enslaved people prior to this period, including manumission records and notarial records of the owners, but no comprehensive system that registers every enslaved person.

    • Rene Davila says

      My grand father was born in1875 in curaçao.Where can I find slave records from 1865 to 1878. You stated to look to manumission and notarize records. Where are these kept. How can I check them. Where do I find the slave owners and the slaves they kept.

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