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In 1812, the Netherlands had more than 1,100 different municipalities. Since then, many have merged so we have about 350 left. See the Gemeentegeschiedenis website for an overview of all the municipalities that ever existed.

Each of these municipalities created a wide range of records. Typical categories include:

  • Records created by mayors, aldermen, municipal council, such as minutes of meetings, correspondence, municipal reports
  • Various departments within the municipality
  • Personnel (civil servants, public school teachers, etc.)
  • Property owned by the municipality, such as the town hall, schools
  • Finances, including taxes
  • Residents (population registers)
  • Health and sanitation
  • Safety and police
  • Water management
  • Economy (including permits)
  • Welfare
  • Education
  • Defense (including militia records)

Typically, only the most popular of these records can be found online. The rest is available in the reading room of the local or regional archives, or can be ordered via scanning-on-demand.

Fragment of the Midwolda Head Tax records from 1901, showing a baker, carpenter, shopkeeper, butcher, farmer, and teacher, with their estimated income.

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