Dutch term – Bedstee

A bedstee was a bedstead. Typically, it was a closet in the kitchen or living room where people slept. At night, the doors would be closed to contain the body heat. The bedstead would be short, typically less than 1.50 m/5 feet, since people slept upright. Some bedsteads had a shelf for a crib, or a drawer underneath the bed where infants would … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Tuugkist

A tuugkist is a chest that is used to store personal belongings such as clothes or jewelry. It is a word that is used in the eastern provinces of the Netherlands. Many tuugkisten have elaborate carvings. Some of them even have the initials or a date. Tuugkisten were often made when a couple started their own household,, so it can even provide … [Read more...]