Quick Tip – West-Friesland is not in Friesland

In the early Middle Ages, the whole area between the Zwin and Weser rivers was called Frisia/Friesland. The current province of Friesland in the Netherlands is in the middle of that region, but the former area of Frisia was much larger. To this day, part of the province of Noord-Holland is known as "West-Friesland" [West Frisia] and part of northern Germany is known as "Ostfriesland" [East Frisia]. So West-Friesland is in the province of Noord-Holland, not in the province of Friesland. … [Read more...]

News from the Netherlands – June 2014

'News from the Netherlands' is a new monthly series on this blog to inform you about the best new websites, projects and books that help you find and understand your Dutch ancestors. New websites The Brabants Historical Information Center has a new website (Dutch only). The 'Stamboom' [Family Tree] page has several indexes, some with scans attached. They are considering making that page available in English. [Source: BHIC] The Historical Center of Leeuwarden has a new website (Dutch … [Read more...]


Noord-Holland is a province in the north-west of the Netherlands. It borders on the IJsselmeer, Utrecht and Flevoland in the east, Utrecht and Zuid-Holland in the south, and the North Sea on the west and north.The capital city of Noord-Holland is Haarlem. The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is also situated in Noord-Holland. Other larger towns are:AlkmaarDen HelderEnkhuizenZaandamAmstelveen … [Read more...]