Five Places to Find Dutch Trees

When you're researching a new family, finding out what has already been published is a good first step. This includes finding online trees. Websites with Dutch trees FamilyTreeSeeker. Search engine that searches many Dutch online trees, including those published on people's own websites. GenealogieOnline. Most popular place for Dutch people to publish their trees. MyHeritage. MyHeritage is growing in popularity in the Netherlands, thanks to their free FamilyTreeBuilder software that … [Read more...]

Column: Genealogy police

To me, one of the best aspects of the internet is that it gives everybody a channel to publish whatever they want. No editors that tell you what you can or cannot do, everybody is their own publisher. This has resulted in a wide range of publications, ranging from copy-paste jobs without citations to well-researched works that would not be out of place in a peer-reviewed journal. Due to software that automatically detects 'matches' in other trees and allow you to add these persons to your own … [Read more...]