Twisted dough

Krakeling‘Twisted dough in Dutch’ was one of the many search terms I found when going through the statistics of this website. I started wondering how someone who wants to know what ‘twisted dough’ is in Dutch would end up on this website.

It might be that they found the Dutch terms section using Google (at the time I wrote this the site ranked in the top 3 when searching for ‘dutch terms‘). I hope they were not too disappointed when they discovered a site about genealogy instead of Dutch words for baked goods!

A section on Dutch traditions, including recipes, might not be a bad idea though. Wouldn’t it be great if little children on the other side of the world would eat pepernoten on December 5th (Sinterklaas / Saint Nicholas), or eat hutspot in the winter? Their parents could tell them about their Dutch heritage while they were enjoying Dutch foods and treats.

Anyway, ‘twisted dough’ in Dutch literally translates to ‘gedraaid deeg’ but I think the person was looking for the word ‘krakeling’. That’s a very tasty cookie, similar to a pretzel, you get by putting dough into a sort of &-shape. They can be rather large (hand-size) or bite-size. Dear mysterious visitor, I hope you come to this site again and read this entry!

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