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Bloomingburg Dutch Reformed Church

Bloomingburg Dutch Reformed Church. Credits: Daniel Case, Wikimedia Commons

Ancestry.com has just published a new record set: “U.S., Dutch Reformed Church Records from Selected States, 1660-1926”. This record set was created by the Holland Society and currently contains records of Dutch Reformed churches in New York and New Jersey. Records from Dutch Reformed churches in other states will be added in the future.

The record set consists of an index and images. Beware that the images are not of the original church records, but of later transcriptions, some done by hand and others by typewriter or computer. Transcription errors such as misread letters or omitted entries can be expected, but this is still a valuable source that will help many Americans with early New Netherland roots.

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  1. Robert C. Wheeler says:

    I am trying to do more genealogical research for one named Abiah (Abia) Westbrook, born in 1796 – probably in Suffix County, Wantage, New Jersey; died 1846; married to Asenath Pellet in 1814 in NJ; their children’s names. Can you help? I think his father was Richard W. married to Mary William or Wilson.

    • With these names and dates, it sounds like the family had been in America for several generations rather than born in the Netherlands. Many of these New Jersey Dutch descend from people who went to New Netherland in the mid 1600s, so you may have several generations to go before you can trace your ancestors back to the Netherlands. I would recommend contacting a researcher specialized in New Jersey research rather than one specialist in research in the Netherlands.

  2. Jon Ulbrich says:

    Trying to find out birth date of a Jacomyite Klock, born to Mohawk Chief Hendrick Theyanoguin. The birth year for Theyanoguin is 1691, but the birth year noted in FamilyTree and other programs is 1700 making the chief only 9 when she was born. My feeling is that someone new she was born in the 1700’s but didn’t know exactly but wanted to put something down.

    • Hi Jon,
      Family trees can be of mixed quality. I recommend you go back to the original sources to see what they have to say. Since these are American sources, I cannot advise you on what that could be. Hopefully, some of these trees have source citations that tell you where they found the information.

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