Dutch term – Vader

Soldier and child on a bike

My grandfather and mother, about 1950

The Dutch word vader means ‘father.’

Finding fathers can be difficult if the parents weren’t married. Some tips:

  • Check the birth record to see if the margin has any notes about the child being recognized by a father later in life. This need not be the biological father but it can be a good clue.
  • Check population registers (since 1850) to see whom the mother was living with.
  • Check church council minutes to see if the mother was censored.
  • Do an autosomal DNA test. This is particularly helpful if you have a candidate(s) for who the father might be.  If you match people on that line, then that is evidence that you have the right person.

See also the case study: Subtle clues in population registers to see how I potentially found the biological father of an illegitimate ancestor of mine.

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