Winterswijk Dutch reformed emigrants

Most of the people who emigrated from Winterswijk in the middle of the nineteenth century belonged to the Dutch Reformed religion. This religion kept records of it’s members. The records also contain a list of people who emigrated to America. Please keep in mind only part of the emigrants were officially unregistered.

Date (d-m-yyyy) Emigrants
7-8-1840 Hendrik Jan Hoenink
8-5-1844 Christiaan Navis and Johanna Hendrika Navis born Linsy, married 15-2-1824
Jan Willem Lomans and Willemina Lomans born Oonk, married 15-11-1818
Garrit Jan Lomans
Abraham Lomans
Aleida Berendina Lomans
Aleida Geertruid Lomans
28-4-1845 Jan Derk Grotenhuis and Berendina Grevers, married 9-10-1825
18-4-1845 Jan Derk Willink
1-5-1845 Jan Hendrik Schreurs and 11-5-1845 Hendrika Lutjenkossink, married 19-4-1840
11-8-1845 Hendrik Jan Meerdink and Maria Geertruid Slotboom, married 25-2-1821
Hendrik Jan Slotboom and Hinders Haverkamp, married 27-3-1831
Garrit Jan Rospas and Johanna Koks, married 8-3-1829
Jan Hendrik Hietkamp and Janna Willemina te Landeweer, married 18-7-1830
Jan Hendrik ten Hulsen and Maria Mentink, married 12-8-1821
Jan Hendrik Warnshuis and Johanna Konings, married 4-11-1838
Gesina Greupink
Willemina te Siepe
Dora Konings
Harmen Jan Rooks
Harmen Jan Meenk
Berend Willem ten Hulsen
Gesina Aleida Damkot
28-4-1845 Wander Willink and Janna Geertruid Meerdink, married 6-4-1834
30-3-1845 Berendina Bolthof
1845 Jan Willem Bolthof
16-10-1845 Jan Hendrik Bargerbosch and Janna Geertruid Nijenhuis, married 4-11-1832
Manus Willink and Gesina Wassink, married 4-9-1831
12-10-1845 Derk Willem Lemmenes
19-10-1845 Enneken te Pas
18-10-1845 Jan Hendrik ter Stege and 16-10-1845 Berendina Sellink, married 19-8-1836
1-5-1845 Janna Geertruid Woestenes
27-4-1846 Hendrik Jan Veenhuis
Garrit Willem te Winkel
Theodora Laarberg
29-4-1846 Janna Cristina te Kronnie
4-5-1846 Janna Geertruid Peters
11-5-1846 Jan Willem Simmelink
Johanna Boeijink
21-6-1846 Garrit Jan Konings and Jacoba Weenink, married 4-12-1836
July 1846 Garrit Jan Aarnink and Harmina Piepers, married 12-5-1836
Jan Berend Aarnink
Janna Geertrui Aarnink
Jan Derk Damkot and Enneken Oonk, married 1-9-1839
12-9-1846 Janna Geertruid Geelink
13-9-1846 Christiaan Schreurs
Hendrik Jan Schreurs
Arend Jan Wenink
25-7-1847 Janna Geertruid Vardink and Garrit Jan Droppers
Johanna Droppers
1-8-1847 Garrit Jan Mentink
Garrit Hendrik Damkot and Janna Geertruid ter Haar, married 15-11-1835
Garritt Jan te Kulve
2-8-1847 Garrit Jan Illebarg and Janna Willemina Wilterdink, mar. 13-3-1825
Theunis Huytink and Aaltje Oonk, mar. 16-3-1834
Jan Hendrik Illebarg
Anna Catharina Illebarg
Jan Berend te Kronnie
12-8-1847 Jan Aalbert Droppers
15-8-1847 Jan Willem Damkot and Willemina Lukenhuis, mar. 25-12-1814
28-5-1848 Jan Albert Kruisselbrink and Maria Simmelink, mar. 28-4-1848, to ‘Pittsburg’
Garrit Jan Wessels
5-6-1848 Jan Hendrik Stemerdink
18-4-1849 Garrit Scholten
Garritje Nengers (or Bannink)
Engelina Scholten
Johanna Willemina Walvoort
1-8-1849 Jan Oonk and Gesina Willemina ter Beek, mar. 29-3-1835
2-9-1849 Gradus Hesselink and Harmina Klomps, mar. 30-12-1838
Garrit Jan Hesselink and Aleida Johanna Pillen, mar. 19-7-1840
7-2-1849 Janna Willemina Sellink
25-6-1850 Grada Nijenhuis
2-4-1850 Garrit Jan Bennink
Geertruid Renschers
15-3-1852 Berendina ter Borg
18-9-1852 Grada Woordes
Berend Willem Kooyers
Jan Hendrik Woordes
Garrit Jan Grevink
20-8-1852 Harmen Jan Koks
Aleida Elisabeth Freriks
8-5-1853 Hendrik Jan te Brummelstroete
Janna Geertruid Rotmans
3-7-1853 Gijsbert Priester
Hendrik Priester
Johanna Gesina Plekenpol
2-4-1854 Jan Stemerdink
Garrit Jan Oonk
Jan Berend Hijink
Anna Catharina Hellekamp
Geertruid Kortschot
3-4-1854 Jan Hendrik te Winkel and Janna Willemina Geurkink, mar. 28-10-1838
4-9-1854 Garrit Jan Rauwerdink
Janna Berendina Schoemaker
Garrit Hendrik te Pas
18-9-1854 Geertruid Wenink
17-6-1855 Jan Aalbert Boeijink
25-6-1855 Harmen Jan Roerdink and Berendina Vervelde, mar. 16-12-1832
28-6-1855 Hendrik Jan Oonk and Janna Geertruid Sikkink, mar. 9-4-1820
6-8-1855 Gerharda Fredrika Janna Roelofs
Catharina Hesen
23-8-1855 Hinners Simmelink
Garrit Jan Simmelink and Hendrika Wilterdink, mar. 26-3-1850
Janna Geertruid Veenhuis and Christiaan Meinen, mar. 29-3-1832
4-8-1856 Janna Gesina Nijenhuis
Hendrik Jan ten Hagen
Garrit Hendrik Wubbels
Aug. 1856 Gesina Maria Woordes
Janna Geertruid Sandberg born Kossink
Maria Koijers
16-5-1857 Garrit Willem Samberg
26-7-1857 Hendrika Smalbraak
Dora Willemina Woestenes
Hendrik Jan Rauwerdink
14-9-1857 Christiaan Nekkers, m. 4-2-1827 Anna Oonk
April 1858 Jan Willem Skkink
Oct. 1858 Hanna ten Pas
15-8-1867 Janna Hendrika Hoenink
3-5-1869 Hanna Willemina Vriesen
June 1869 Garrit Jan Dulmes
Jan Berend Simmelink
Hendrika Einink
Berend Willem Mentink
July 1869 Abraham Nijenhuis
June 1869 Hendrik Jan Mentink
Garrit Ros
Hendrik Jan Simmelink
Garrit Jan Sikkink
Janna Willemina Esselinkpas
Garrit Hendrik Dulmes
Josina Simmelink
6-7-1869 Gesina Bennink
9-5-1870 Jan Willem te Strake
7-5-1871 Frederik Jan Hinkamp
9-7-1872 Hendrik Jan Bennink
Johanna Berendina Boeijink
1873 Garrit Jan Berendschot
29-1-1877 Hendrik Jan Rotmans
17-6-1882 Abraham Dunnewold
Jan Willem Dunnewold
Dora Berendina Dunnewold
Gesiena Dunnewold
Hendrika Dunnewold
Garrit Jan Reesink
Johanna Dunnewold
6-7-1883 Gesina Sikkink
11-7-1883 Hendrik Jan ten Pas
7-8-1883 Janna Elisabeth Willink
Without a date: Willem van Holten
Gesina Willemina Schieven
Hendrika Sikkink
Johanna Willemina Stemerdink
Jan Hendrik Onnink
Hendrik Jan van Gent
Willem Willemsen
Gesina ten Pas
Janna Willemina Speelberg
Mina Ribbink
Gesina ten Pas
Gesina te Selle
Willemina Gesiena Wansink
Janna Geertruida Bargerbosch
Hendrik Jan Klumpers
Jan Willem Oonk
Jan Willem Wieberdink
Jan Hendrik Krosenbrink
Janna Willemina Geelink
Berendina Catharina Sikkink
Anna Catharina Sikkink

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