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English versions of Dutch first names

Many Dutch people took American names when they came to the US. Some common combinations are listed here. All of these combinations have been found in actual documents, even though the translations aren't always what you would expect. Tip: use the search-function in your browser to search for a name (Ctrl-F or Command-F in most browsers). … [Read more...]

Anthony Brummelkamp

The most important figure in the Secession of the Gelderland Reformed church was without a doubt Anthony Brummelkamp. … [Read more...]

The seceders emigrate

The bad economic circumstances, together with the bad situation for the Seceders led two prominent ministers of the seceders, Rev. Brummelkamp and Rev. Van Raalte, to the idea of emigration. … [Read more...]

Start of the secession

The Afscheiding (Secession) was proclaimed by Rev. Hendrik de Cock in 1834. He was the minister of the Reformed church in Ulrum. In his eyes, the Dutch Reformed Church had become too liberal. He wanted the church to go back to the old ways. His way of preaching inspired a lot of people, and he drew large audiences with his ceremonies. … [Read more...]

Naming traditions

Have you ever wondered why first names seem to run in Dutch families for generations? In the Netherlands, people used to name their children after family members. This way, first names can stay in the family for centuries.The best known example of naming children is when a child is named after its grandparent. But other forms of naming are possible … [Read more...]


This is an overview of Dutch occupations with their English translations. … [Read more...]

Genealogical terms

This page lists some Dutch words that appear frequently in genealogical records and publications. … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous emigrants

List of emigrants for whom it is not known where they left from, mostly from the Winterswijk area. This list is not complete. … [Read more...]

Winterswijk emigrants – Woold

List of emigrants from the Winterswijk hamlet of Woold. This list is not complete. … [Read more...]

Winterswijk emigrants – Ratum

List of emigrants from the Winterswijk hamlet of Ratum. This list is not complete. … [Read more...]