Quick tip – “Alhier” and “Elders” are not place names

Sometimes, you will encounter the term alhier and elders in a record to indicate a place of origin or residence. These are not place names, but mean “in this location” and “somewhere else,” respectively.

Hattip to Ellee Brooks who gave the “elders” tip in a comment.

map of the Netherlands

Map of the Netherlands, 1664 (public domain)

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  1. johannes Schuurman says

    Why does the the map title say “the map of the netherlands” yer the the heading says belguim federation?

    • Belgica Foederata is Latin for the Republic of the Netherlands. The term Belgica has been in use for the low countries since the 1400s at least. The modern country of Belgium took its name from the Latin form.

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