Dutch Records That Just Became Public

2017 has arrived, and that means that many records have become public.

Mien Woordes

Mien Woordes, born 1916

Many records are closed for 25, 50, 75, or 100 years. Records that can now be consulted include:

  • Birth records of people born in 1916 (hi, grandma!)
  • Marriage records of people married in 1941 
  • Death records of people who died in 1966. 
  • Court and notarial records of 1941.
  • Government records from 1991, 1966, 1941, 1916 (depending on the nature of the records). 

Most of these records can only be consulted at the archives. Some archives have already scanned the birth,  marriage, and death records that just became available, so be sure to check the website of the archives or WieWasWie to see what is online. 

Records that are not public yet, can only be accessed with permission or proof of death of the person who is mentioned in the record. For people born in 1916 or earlier, such proof is not required. Their records are now available upon request, even when they are part of a series or record group that is not public yet. Non-public records can only be consulted at the archives and are never available online. 



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