Effects of Corona on Dutch Genealogy

The Dutch government has implemented several measures to contain the spread of the corona-virus. This affects people researching their ancestors from the Netherlands in different ways:

  • Archives are closed. On-site research is not possible.
  • Scanning-on-demand may not be possible. Many archives sent their staff home. Even if you can still order scans, orders may not be fulfilled but will be in the queue until people get back to work.  Some archives do still offer this service but this could be disrupted if they decide to close completely.
  • Traveling to the Netherlands to see where your ancestors lived will have to be postponed. The EU borders are closed. Restaurants and bars are closed. Several countries including the US stopped all non-essential travel to Europe.

At this point, it is uncertain how long these measures will remain in effect. It might be weeks, months, or even longer.

New measures are announced almost every day. The Dutch government provides information about COVID-19 measures via Government.nl so check there for the latest news. I will only post about corona if it changes the way we can research our Dutch ancestors or the services I provide.

patient with nurses

Patients treated by the Red Cross. Credits: Koos Raucamp, Nationaal Archief (CC-0)

Things that we can still do to help us learn more about our ancestors from the Netherlands:

And of course, I’ve got 1,000+ blog posts to keep you busy!

I do not yet know if I will be able to keep up the current schedule of two blog posts and one newsletter per week. I do not know if I or a family member will get sick, and I am now home schooling my son. Between that and client work, I won’t have much time for blogging. I already have several articles scheduled so it won’t come to a complete stop but the frequency of blog posts and newsletters may be reduced. My Eleanor of Aquitaine series is on hiatus since the next generations require research in Belgium and France.

Be safe everyone!

About Yvette Hoitink

Yvette Hoitink, CG®, QG™ is a professional genealogist in the Netherlands. She holds the Certified Genealogist credential from the Board for Certification of Genealogists and has a post-graduate diploma in Family and Local History from the University of Dundee. She has been doing genealogy for over 30 years and helps people from across the world find their ancestors in the Netherlands. Read about Yvette's professional genealogy services.



    Dear Yvette,
    Ever since Roberta Estes wrote about how you helped her find her Dutch lines, I have been a fan of your blog.
    Take care of yourself & your family & you will have lots of new info when you can…

  2. Elizabeth says

    I have been following the Eleanor of Aquitaine series since you started. You are so close to her now. Looking forward to the day you can resume. Until that day, may you and yours stay safe Yvette.

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