Archives to close again

Due to new COVID-19 measures, all archives, libraries, and museums in the Netherlands will be closed for a minimum of two weeks from 5 until 19 November 2020. After that, some will reopen by appointment while others will remain closed for the time being. The websites of the archives should remain functional. Check the website of the archives to see … [Read more...]

Archives preparing to re-open

Most archives in the country have closed their doors during the corona crisis. Archives are now preparing to re-open, often with restrictions on the number of visitors in the reading room and new seating plans and routes that allow patrons to keep their distance. I expect all archives to be open again by June 1st. Archives who offer … [Read more...]

Effects of Corona on Dutch Genealogy

The Dutch government has implemented several measures to contain the spread of the corona-virus. This affects people researching their ancestors from the Netherlands in different ways: Archives are closed. On-site research is not possible. Scanning-on-demand may not be possible. Many archives sent their staff home. Even if you can still … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Check if the Archives are Open

If you are planning to do on-site research in the Netherlands, check their website or contact the archive to make sure they are open. Most archives have announced their reading rooms are closed until further notice, to prevent spreading COVID-19. Check the opening hours ("openingstijden") and look for news announcements mentioning COVID-19 or … [Read more...]

Dutch Genealogy Services – COVID-19 Measures

The Dutch government announced new measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 (corona virus). Large events are cancelled, people with a cold, cough, or fever are asked to quarantine themselves, and all people in the Netherlands are asked to work from home as much as possible. Dutch Genealogy Services will abide by these instructions. That means … [Read more...]