Quick tip – Last Name or Patronymic?

If you’re researching a family with a name like Jansen, Zwiers, or Pieterse, at one point you will find the original person for whom the name was not a hereditary last name but a patronymic derived from the father’s name.

My mother’s name is Marijnissen. As a beginning genealogist, it took me a while to realize that the father of her brick wall ancestor wasn’t called Marijnissen but had Marijnis as a first name. I found his father as Marinus Peeters.

When dealing with such names before 1811, you should always test both possibilities: that the father used the same last name, or that the father used a first name from which the patronymic of the child was derived.

baptismal record

Roman Catholic Church (Chaam), baptismal register 1626-1698, fol. 122, Joannes Marini Peeters (30 April 1688); “Zoeken in Registers,” images, Regionaal Archief Tilburg (http://www.regionaalarchieftilburg.nl : accessed 14 July 2018)

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