Dutch term – Leeftijd

The leeftijd is the age. You may find a person’s age mentioned in birth records (father, informant, witnesses), marriage records (bride and groom, witnesses), death records (deceased, informant, witnesses), census records, and also in some court or notarial records, especially when people testify about something.

As you go back further in time, there will be fewer records that give a person’s age. Keep in mind that illiterate people are less likely to know their own age. An age that ends in 0 or 5 is more likely to be rounded off.

Photo of an old woman

Oldest person in the Netherlands in 1977: Mrs. La Forst-Van Geel, age 109. Credits: Koen Suyk, collection Nationaal Archief (CC-0).

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  1. Pieter Koenders says

    Hoi Yvette, vergeet de bevolkingsregisters niet wat betreft de leeftijden, al kloppen die dikwijls niet en bijvoorbeeld vaak een jaar schelen. Hartelijke groet, Pieter

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